This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

New CEO as founder of TPA, Sheila Turner, retires on health grounds

Today we sadly announce that Sheila Turner, founder of Thyroid Patient Advocacy has retired on health grounds although she will remain an Honorary member of the Charity.

Sheila’s role as CEO with the Charity has been filled by Amanda Hodgkinson, who has been with the Charity over several years and renews qualities of dynamism and management skills in the running of TPA.

Amanda has auto immune thyroiditis which was diagnosed some 30 years ago and is passionate about the whole issue of educating people so that they can help themselves and then help others to regain their health.

Amanda has an honours degree in Management and was formerly a Small Business Advisor.


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Congratulations on your appointment as CEO, Amanda, and all my best wishes to Sheila for her well earned retirement.
Christina xx


Thank you I shall try my best!


Sending love to Shelia and a million thank you’s for her wealth of information and support.
And a hello to Christine 🌻


Sending very best wishes to Sheila who I’m indebted too …..I wouldn’t have the life I have no had it not been for the TPA who I joined when in their infancy. Congratulations Amanda on your appointment as CEO


Thank you. Will do my best!


Congratulations to Amanda from Janie Bowthorpe of Stop the Thyroid Madness. Sheila and I had a close relationship behind the scenes, and I support whatever you can do to continue the fight for thyroid patients in the UK.


Thank You! Amanda x


SIncere thanks to Sheila for her tireless efforts over the years .Congratulations and very best wishes Amanda for the difficult task you have taken on..


Thank you. Will do my best!


Just seeing this. So sorry to hear this. Sheila has been a hero to many of us near and far. I wish her well throughout her retirement. And best wishes in the role Amanda.


So sad to hear that Sheila has retired – having been such a driving force for so long – very best wishes for your retirement Sheila!
Best wishes to you Amanda in your ‘huge boots to fill’ role – I’m sure you will more than rise to the occasion.

Linda Colback,

Thank you Linda. i am trying and slowly making progress. Several of us have seen Sheila and she is well, we shall pass on your good wishes.