This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

200+ Reasons Why Patients Join The TPA Forum

Below are 200 + reasons given by people wanting to register as a member of the TPA online Thyroid Support Forum. They had to give a reason simply to stop Spammers from joining. Very quickly, I saw a pattern emerging that showed how badly they felt they were being treated within the NHS and had need to seek help and support from elsewhere in order to get back their optimal health.

  1. I am a 60 year old man who is trying to get my GP to acknowledge the fact that I have thyroid problems; I have never met anybody so un-educated in the field of thyroid disease.
  2. I want to join because I am very ill and have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. My GP says Im depressed and wants me on antideprssants. I am NOT!
  3. I asked my GP to prescribe me an alternative to Thyroxine and he won’t, instead he is referring me to an endocrinologist and wants to prescribe me antidepressants. My symptoms are getting worse the longer I stay on thyroxine.
  4. Hi, I’ve been on Armour for three years, but have suddenly been taken off all thyroid completely by prominent endocrinoligist.
  5. Age 55, hypo for approx 10yrs dignosed about 4-5. On 100 levothyroxine all the symtoms, am really struggling at the moment with fatigue. Hoping to read others experience in ways to help myself.
  6. I am a professional sailor based mostly in London, although I travel a lot. I am on levothyroxine and it’s not working and I need some help!
  7. I have weight gain,hair loss,odema of the face and above eyes,I would like more info on alternative treatment been on thyroxine for 10 years.
  8. I have had an underactive thyroid for 8 years since having my littleboy.I take thyroxine which i hate, i am 4 stone overweight and always exhausted. .Thank you.
  9. I had been ill with chronic fatique for years and kept going downhill.diagnosed with underactive throid and treated with 125mg thryroxine.Have not got any better,if not got worse.
  10. I am hypothyroid I am exhausted and sleeping in the day despite a fullnight sleep but my bloods are always normal.
  11. Undiagnosed 10 years,All the symptoms,bloods always borderline/normal gp who ONLY diagnoses with blood tests! Need i say more?
  12. Hi my name is ****** and I am still undiagnosed hypothyroid and have been actively for the past ten years trying to get a doctor to listen to me. I really would love and need to be part of this group.
  13. I have a very severe thyroid problem and i need people to talk to about it. It seems like regular t4 meds do not work and i need help with others experience of different meds.
  14. Hello! I’ve had hypothyroidism for 20 years. I have just found your very helpful and poignant website and would love to join your group.
  15. Hello, I suffer with hypothyroid condition and I am taking Thyroxine, but as the months go on I am feeling lifeless, crying over the least little thing,and a host of other things.
  16. I have Hashimoto’s, no information from Endocrinology Dept. Would like to join to find out how to live with this condition.
  17. I am hypothyroid and so are 5 other members of my family. I want to find out more information re thyroid and adrenals. Thanks.
  18. I am a Doctor and want to help people in this group.
  19. I am almost 60 and have been taking Levothyroxine for about 5 years. It does not suit me (wright gain, constantly tired etc) but I can’t get any sense from my GP. I need help!
  20. Hi I have been hypothyroid for around 5 years or so. I cannot lose weight and am being told my thyroid levels are fine so therefore it must be doing something wrong.
  21. I am a 45 year old woman who has lived with this debilitating condition , I would like to be part of a group campaigning for research into what is a barrier to living a full life.
  22. Hello, Female,58,ill,not worked 11 yrs.ME, Lyme(?). Saw Dr P some time ago,he felt thyroid/adrenal probs.Didn’t pursue. Now wish to. Want advice re docs, share.At near end very long tether. Best, Jayne.
  23. Wife had throidectomy and cannot tolerate synthetic thyroxine she is refused any other treatment. What a disgrace?!
  24. I wish to join the group to gain further advice about getting treatment in the UK as the GPs at my local surgery are not listening.
  25. Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and have been refused treatment because my tsh is “within range” even though I am highly symptomatic and have other autoimmune issues with gluten.
  26. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago, am on Levothyroxine, but not feeling better. Trying to learn all I can to maximise improvements.
  27. My wife and daughter are both hypo. They are still unwell despite T4 medication. We want to correct this.
  29. I have hypothyroidism and my g.p won’t help.
  30. I have been diagnosed by a private dr as having thyroid and adrenal problems and would like to speak to others for support and advice as my nhs dr will not help thank you.
  31. Hi, I have been taking T3 for 10 weeks now and hydrocortisone for low adrenals. I have paid for all my own tests and given up with my GP.
  32. I want info and help for treating my hypothyroidism. I have been on T4 for 5 years now (175mcg), and always tired. Waiting for results from appt with endocrinologist. Can explain more if needed, D*****.
  33. I am 61 and have been treated for Hypothyroidism for approx 10 years. I still have extreme symptoms even though annual blood tests show normal T4 results. This site will help me when talking to my GP.
  34. I’ve been diagnosed as hypothyroid for a few years now and still don’t feel at my best. I’m looking to see how I can find out more about alternative natural lesser known meds e.g Armour.
  35. Found the article and was so pleased. Long term sufferer from Hypothyroid systems. Would love to communicate with others who feel like I do let down by medical tests ruling their lives. thankyou K*****.
  36. Was put on Thyroxine in 2007, being borderline hypo, sub-clinical.. Had lots of problems since and have quit taking thryoxine.<
  37. Hi my name is Suzy I’m currently on t4 replacement after a t.t in jan and i thought i would find support in this group. My doctor is stupid.I feel that in the end i will have to self treat soon.
  38. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the USA. Now live in the UK they consider me normal. Looking to connect and seek advice/help dealing with the NHS. Thank you for this great group!
  39. When I shifted to the UK I was prescribed Eltroxin and have been on it for the past 5 years. I need to find an alternate solution to keep my thyroid in check.
  40. I am 53, female, hypot, poor T4/T3 conversion, on Levo & Propranolol 13 years. Stopped Propranolol 7 months ago. Still trying to get right treatment/prevent same happening to anyone else.
  41. Hi,I have lived with poorly treated hypothyroidism for twnety years..I was recommended this group by a friend, hope you can help.
  42. Hi my name is Elaine and I am still undiagnosed hypothyroid and have been actively for the past ten years trying to get a doctor to listen to me. I really would love and need to be part of this group.
  43. I have a very severe thyroid problem and i need people to talk to about it. It seems like regular t4 meds do not work and i need help with others experience of different meds.
  44. Hello! I’ve had hypothyroidism for 20 years. I have just found your very helpful and poignant website and would love to join your group.
  45. Hello, I suffer with hypothyroid condition and I am taking Thyroxine, but as the months go on I am feeling lifeless, crying over the least little thing,and a host of other things.
  46. HypoT being treated with T4. Think have adrenal probs too. Feel exhausted. Doc not much help.
  47. I am already on 300mg of thyroxine a day and the symptoms persist and all my doctor can advise is increasing the dosage.
  48. Hi I`m 58 years old and was diagnosed as hypothyroid in late October,despite medication, the symptoms are getting worse.
  49. I have been recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and the medication I am taking whilst maintaining the correct blood test readings, is not helping rid me of symptoms. Help Thanks.
  50. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism due to hashimotos about 15 years ago but still not well. would like to talk to others.
  51. Have suffered from hypothyroidism for about 10 years and still feel that doctors do not fully understand this illness or the medications required to make us feel “normal” again.
  52. Male, 43. Diagnosed hyperthroid, thyroid zapped. On T4. Feel lobotomised (depression, memory, energy). Visiting dr’s tomorrow; hoping for T3/NDT.
  53. I am hypothyroid I am exhausted and sleeping in the day despite a fullnight sleep but my bloods are normal.
  54. My TSH is high, my GP tells me I am just depressed and throws anti-depressants at me. I feel constantly like I am about to die. I want something done and I reckon this group is the way to go!
  55. In 2006 I was so unwell I had to stop teaching but my bloods were normal. Luckily I found Dr Peatfield, but not everyone can do that, so I want to support your campaigns.
  56. Hi there, I’m a 35yr old female suffering with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, lots of adrenal issues and a very very nasty case of horrible GP syndrome!
  57. Had unsatisfactory diagnosis’ and no convincing pursual of Thyroid problems. First real appearance prompted “probable Virus infection”, then GP settled for variable re-ocurring ME!
  58. I joined as I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism last November, currently on medication but still suffering symptoms daily.
  59. Hi. I am a patient who has suffered with congenital hypothyroidism since birth. I am 22 years now and am still on the road to getting to full health and want to share my story with other patients.
  60. I am a 50yrs have suffered hypo symptoms for years bloods always came back normal.Now i have multinodular goiter need lots of info and support.
  61. I am 62 and on Thyroxine treatment. I am finding a lack of support from my GPs regarding this and would like to join the group to have people to talk to who are in a similar position.
  63. Hashimotos sufferer experiencing problems using levothyroxine.
  64. I am desperately trying to persuade my doctor that all the little things that have been bothering me over the past 5 years point to hypothyroidism, and need some backup!
  65. My name is Sue and i have hypothyroidism although my doctor won’t treat it until my tsh level reaches 10, it is currently at 6.4.
  66. I have been suffering for about five years, am now hyrothyriod. I been not well since. My doctor is unable to help me. Hoping to get support and help from the forum.
  67. Diagnosed Hashimoto’s 2 years ago. The more my dose of thyroid goes up, the worse I feel. Panic-stricken to think life as a strong, healthy adult is over.
  68. Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, my own GP refused to refer me to an endocrinologist so had to be seen privately and now know I am not going mad or developing Alzheimers!
  69. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid after the birth of my son 3 years ago and do not feel that my thyroid problem has been resolved properly and would like help and advice.
  70. I wish to be more informed with thyroid related issues and getting to know people whom i can relate to regarding the problems i have been facing on hypothyriodism.
  71. I’ve been hypo for 2 years, first started t4, no help, then armour, no help. finally a little help from t3 and cortisol. just looking for some support.
  72. I have seen Dr Peatfield and have been advised to join this forum. I am fed up with being ignored by the NHS when I so obviously have an under-active thyroid.
  73. Epilepsy 42 years. More fits but GP prefers to up my anticonvulsants when I believe an under active thyroid is the real issue. A cortisol saliva test in ’08 proved stage 2 adrenal fatigue. B***.
  74. I have often visited your site, and have found the information invaluable. I’m weeks away from an appt with Dr Skinner, this guy has made so many people well again, and after 14 years of hell, I am so relieved.
  75. Hello,I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 10 years ago now. At the moment I’m having a really bad time always asleep! Taking thyroxine, but I just want to feel normal again.
  76. I am taking thyroxine, but have problems with fatigue, muscle aches and frequent minor illnesses.
  77. Hi there, I have had an underactive thyroid for around 8 years and I’m seeking support as I’m finding thyroxine is not effective, even though my results suggest I am fine, thanks, H*****.
  78. I’ve treated unsatisfactorily with levothyroxine and anti-depressants by 3 diff GP’.I’m looking to share support and experiences and join the fight for better treatment in particularaccess to T3.
  79. Hi, had my thryoids remove 1.5 yrs ago and still suffering with a low count on 250mg per day and still not normal levels.
  80. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 18 months ago, still not feeling well despite currently taking Levothyroxine. I hope to connect with others in similar position.
  81. I had problems with hypothyroidism after having my first baby but am having no success with my GP.
  82. I have hypothyroidism, am struggling on T4 medication, think I may have adrenal stress, looking for answers, as I think everyone will be doing. Good luck to us all.
  83. Diagnosed as hypothyroid about a year ago. Currently on T4 only & starting to really struggle to look after my 16 month old daughter.
  84. I have been ill with M.E. and unable to work since February 1991 and have developed, amongst other things, both thyroid and adrenal problems.
  85. As a qualified nurse and midwife with autoimmune hypothyroidism I’m capable of holding my own with medical staff but feel for those who are less well informed Knowledge is power! Where to start?
  86. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago. Currently suffering with severe hypo problems and stomach inflammation, blurred vision and generally very unwell.
  87. I have an underactive thyroid. I have been taking thyroxine for the past two years but are now experiencing the original symptom.
  88. I have given up with the NHS who refused to give me any other thyroid hormone apart from levothyroxine, even though my T4 levels were high and my T3 levels at the bottom of the range and I continued to be ill. The med. Schools are a disgrace in their lack of knowledge about the thyroid and how it works.
  89. I am sure I have hypothyroidism but my GP(s)don’t agree.I want more info so I can argue my case to them and try and get some treatment.
  90. Hi my name is Kathryn and I am 47 years old and I have had an underactive thryroide since I was 18, I am finding it very hard regain my health and to lose weight and could do with some help.
  91. I am uk-based, on hydrocortisone prior to starting T3 (have failed on T4 and armour due to adrenal issues); want guidance from the group please. Thanks!
  92. Diagnosed with under active thyroid one year ago, but still trying to get dosage right.
  93. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1996 and have not been happy with GP attitude recently. I read about TPA in the paper and was interested to find out more and join the forum.
  94. My husband has responded badly to synthetic thyroxine and I would like the support of this group to discover other options.
  95. I have been taking Levothyroxine and i am still not well and my Dr has said that my levels are normal but i feel terrible.
  96. I feel I am suffering from a thyroid and adrenal problem and need extra help. I was sent this link by a friend who has gone through a similar thing.
  97. 2 years on with HypoT still no better would like to rejoin awaiting further blood tests and endo.
  98. I have hypothyroidism with Hashimoto’s, and I’m fed up with feeling unwell. I was diagnosed about a year an a half ago. Would like to find out from others how they cope.
  99. Hi, my names Andrew I’m a long term CFS sufferer(14yrs)strongly suspecting undiagnosed hypo..interested reading & participating in your forum.
  100. Diagnosed with underactive thyroid 18 months ago, have been on 125mcg levothyroxine for 6 months, but dont see any improvement since diagnosis.
  101. My name is **** i am seeking advice for my girlfriend, she is prescribed 300mg of levothyroxine a day by her gp, and people say that is a lot. would really appreciate any help. Thankyou.
  102. I have had two lots of Thyroid blood tests with “borderline” results and lots of symptoms which my GP is dismissing with an offer of Antidepressants. I am searching for answers and found this Forum.
  103. I have had very strong symptoms of a under active thyroid for 2 years, i only got diagnosed for treatment though last November.My Sister also has thyroid disease and our Mum did as well.
  104. Hiya, I think I have hypothyroidism and have antibodies but gp won’t do anything despite symptoms. So I am hoping to find some support and answers/ suggestions here. Thank you ****.
  105. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and thyroid eye disease. My massage therapist, ******** recommended me to you. I’m struggling to cope with the symptoms. thanks!
  106. Have suffered from hypothyroidism for many years although it was only diagnosed about 9 years ago> Have had constant difficulty in getting doctors to recognise and treat my condition.
  107. 11 year patient-Grave’s disease treated with Tapazole/beta blockers, and I’m looking for more information and people who care about the advance of treatment.
  108. Diagnosed with Hashimotos four years ago. Delighted to find this site with all its patient information. Just about to go on adrenal support and then, later, Armour.
  109. I’ve got Hypothyroidism (type 2 or sub-clinical). My doctor has me on Armour 45mg, adrenal and iodine support. I’ve started a new blog trying to spread the word too!
  110. Underactive thyroid for 17 yrs. Recently started on T3. Low Vit D & autoimmune lipodystophy & lipomas. At home with 2 children & family think I am depressed. My dr has me on Sertraline.
  111. I have an underactive thyroid & would like to self treat with armour thyroid but would like to hear from anyone else who has done the same.
  112. I have had thyroid disease since birth and I think I have thyroid resistance. My body does not respond well to T4. I would like more info on other thyroid options than T-4 only meds.
  113. I am a community mental health nurse currently off sick as newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism. However, on 25mcg T4 tests reading normal but I still feel like hell.
  114. I am a mom of a 20 year old patient who has FT4 result as >100.0 and I would like to know more about it. Hope it will help joining the group. Thank you.
  115. I have an underactive thyroid diagnosed 18 years ago and I am now undergoing quite a lot of problems.
  116. 50 years old and recently discovered I am hypothyroid. Long story but can’t believe how badly I’ve been treated.
  117. Diagnosed hypothyroid 9 months ago I also think I may have Adrenal Fatigue as I have low Cortisol and have not responded to Thyroxine or Armour.
  118. I have been on thyroid medication for 28 years, but in the last 8 years experienced problems,feeling ill, but my doctor not accepting this is due to low thyroid as normal test are in the range.
  119. Underactive thyroid since i was 11 still suffer the problems associated. Lost faith in NHS.
  120. 54 year old female. Diagnosed Hypothyroid a couple of years ago and on 75mg Thyroxine a day but this hasn’t alieviated symptoms. Looking for more information.
  121. Hi I have been classed as borderline underactive thyroid for about 2yrs with my GP. & hosp., but I have felt like this for years, I am hoping joining will help me to find an answer regards J***.
  122. I have an hypothyrodism and have had it for about 8 yeas now. I found this web site and thought it may provide some insight for me.
  123. Hypothyroid for 14 years,taking Armour and having GP troubles over this.Would be good to keep in touch with other “thyroid”folk. OH to feel well again too.
  124. Diagnosed with underactive thyroid four years ago and taking thyroxin. Still suffering from symptoms and hoping to learn from other peoples experiences.
  125. Been ill for 5yrs with hypo symptoms. After 2 yrs of testing been diagnosed with ME/CFS. Don’t accept this and want to join group to learn about others experiences.
  126. I am Hypothyriod and have been taking thyroxine for 20 years. The change of medicine to levothyroxine 2 yeras ago might be giving me problems a severe rash. Is anyone else in the same position?
  127. I would like to join the group as I know that te Medical profession are incompetent I would to support and be supported by other people in the same boat and raise awareness of the condition.
  128. I have Graves disease with a Goitre that gets larger and smaller but I get no clear answers or help from my GP.
  129. I am struggling with Hypothyroidism and would like to belong to this group.
  130. Hi, would love to become a member to gain + give support for thyroid people. Sent your campaign letter to my MP today (Cambridge) which refs membership of TPA. Thank you. *****.
  131. I’ve had a thyroid complaint for about 5 years, mainly hyper but i’m convinced that I’m sometimes hypo. I feel like an endocrinological war zone. I don’t want to have a thyroidectomy or RAI.
  132. I suffer with severe hypothyroidism and have only had woefully inadequate T4 treatment sit NHS.
  133. I have recentley been dignosed with Hypothyroidism with a positive autoimmune anti thyroid which i think is Hashimotos but doctors will not discuss with me? Need Information!
  134. I was diagnosed 18 months ago but still no relief from symptoms.
  135. I am a registered nurse who was diagnosed Hypothyroid 5yrs ago. Contiued to have Hypo symtoms and am now on T4 100mcgs & T3 20mcgs but still have symptoms and big weight gain.
  136. I have just read the book by Dr Peatfield and found it really interesting and hopeful. I do believe now there is light at the end of this black tunnel.
  137. Hi I’m a 39 year old male living in the UK with hypothyroidism. I blog about my experiences as Currently I am not receiving optimal treatment.
  138. Looking into possible alternative tests after GP thyroid test was “satisfactory” but I still have all of the symptoms.
  139. Hi, I would like to be able to discover and discuss the latest developments that affect diagnosis and treatment of throid function from an independent group.
  140. My symptoms, including goitre, abdominal weight gain, exhaustion, mental fog, tinnitis, carpal tunnel and lactation (!). Docs are writing me off as neurotic. I’d love to compare notes.
  141. I am suffering hypothyroid problems, but tests say Im fine. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!
  142. Suspect I have underactive thyroid and am just starting down the road to (hopefully) recovery. I believe I have suffered for 30 years and have been misdiagnosed several times. Feel outraged!
  143. Been suffering with hypothyroid symptoms for several years but unable to get a diagnosis based on a TSH level, the last being 4.5, looking for a group to get more info.
  144. I have had Graves disease, RAI,now hypothyroid.Also have TED. Have fab consultant, not so good GP Currently having battle with GP over my use of Liothyronine.
  145. Have had a thyroid deficiency for about 5 years now. Was very overweight when it was diagnosed but have not lost a pound despite being treated with thyroxine! Live in hope that eventually I will.
  146. I am a Hypothyroid sufferer and am going through the process of retraining my Doctor to understand my condition.
  147. I’m hypo and not diagnosed, miserable and looking for support.
  148. 36 male with hypo since teens. looking for more info on armour and alternatives.
  149. I have suffered symptoms for years, gradually getting worse, but always told my TSH was “normal” Two maternal aunts and my father have all been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
  150. I have suffered symptoms for over 8 years, gradually getting worse, but always told my TSH was “normal” Two maternal aunts and my father have all been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
  151. I was diagnoised as hypothyrod 9 years ago and have taken my meds every day and never complained. But now I can’t live like this anymore i’m not functioning properly and I have had enough!
  152. I’m sorry,don’t mean to be awkward, but really cant explain why Iwant to join this group in less than 200 chara, except to say, I really need any help you may be able to give (thyroid related), thanks.
  153. Hi, I am hypothyroid and experiencing many bad symptoms despite 4 years plus of T4 treatment. I’m hoping for some moral support and advice.
  154. My partner is showing signs of hypothyroidism, but at present has been told she has ME, even though her test results are borderline. I am simply trying to find out further information. Thanks.
  155. Have been on Levothyroxine for about 13years and I have more symptoms than when I first was diagnosed.
  156. My GP says I am depressed I see Dr Peatfield and he has helped me a great deal in geting my health back to where it was before I had a partial thyrodectomy in 2000. You are doing a good job Sheila!
  157. Hello, I have been suffering with adrenal fatigue for a long time now, and would really value support from a group like this. I hope I can be considered.
  158. I am struggling to get a diagnosis loads of symptoms etc goin bcak a long time but TSH within range. I would like to seek support and advice within the UK. Thanks.
  159. I (according to my blood tests!) am just a borderline hypothyroid. I feel I would benefit from a better therapy so would like to find out some more.
  160. I am 61 & live in P********. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7 years ago By joining your website I may just find some answers & not to be fobbed off with being told it’s ‘my age’ by doctors.
  161. I have an underactive thyroid myself. I am keen to hear how others have improved their own health and well-being from a persoanl point of view and as that of a complementary health practitioner.
  162. I have recently been diagnosed as Hypo and want to find out what levels and diet work for others as I am refused this information by my doctor, who teaches these doctors?!
  163. I have been unwell for 14 years and I’m getting nowhere. My T4 was measured as towards the bottom of the range with TSH a bit higher. The question is: do I have a thyroid problem?
  164. I would like to join the group as a suffer of hypothyroidism for over 10 years and thyroxine makes me so ill.
  165. Hello I am a Hypothyrodism patient with elavated autoimmune measures. I am struggling with the throxine and iron and would like to read/contribute to the forum.
  166. I have had an underactive thyroid for 8 years since having my littleboy.I take thyroxine which i hate, i am 4 stone overweight and always exhausted.
  167. I want to move from Levothyroxin to Whole Thyroid and am keen to connect with anyone who’s done this. I have Hashimoto’s and am menopausal. A wonderful combination.
  168. I’m hypo w/adrenal probs.Live in Ireland. Just got Rx for ERFA. Hope group will be helpful. Thanks.
  169. Hello – I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for the past 6 years, and just moved to the UK where I’ve been put on Levothyroxine – with horrible result
  170. My partner is showing signs of hypothyroidism, but at present has been told she has ME, even though her test results are borderline. I am simply trying to find out further information. Thanks.
  171. No other reason that i am on Levothyroxine 100 micrograms per day and feel no better but blood test say all is ok tried 200 micrograms per day for one week feel back to A1. now down to 100.
  172. Need help understanding tsh levels!!whats normal?Doctor said I’m normal but I feel unwell.
  173. I have had my thyroid removed and have been diagnosed with M.E. which I strongly do not agree with. My condition has improved with the use of Armour/Erfa Thyroid.. I am keen to learn more.
  174. I was diagnosed hypothyroid a year ago but suffered from symptoms and misdiagnosed for years.
  175. Hi, I am hypothyroid and experiencing many bad symptoms despite 4 years plus of T4 treatment. I’m hoping for some moral support and advice.
  176. My mum has severe problems with thyroid, I am now getting similar problems..Hopefully I will find the light at the end of the tunnel…
  177. I’ve been on Levothyroxine for 3 years, but can’t seem to get my TSH level steady, it’s always too high or too low.
  178. 67 years old female thyroidectomy oveer 30 years ago going backwards, need to go forward!
  179. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism this time last year. Taking eltroxin in varying doses since with symptoms remaining. Switching to natural thyroid (erfa) and looking to read all the info I can! Thanks!
  180. Hello i would like to join this group after having a total thyroidectomy 2008, to try and make sense of what is happening to my body.
  181. I think i have a problem with my thyroid. I seem to be deteriorating and having trouble getting the right help. My GP is useless!
  182. I have been taking synthetic t4 for 30 years and have progressively become more depressed and suffer from unexplained weight gain.
  183. Need to learn more about hypothyroidism been ill for years taking T4 only but doctor refusing to give me a trial of any other thyroid hormone.
  184. I’m 29 and have been diagnosed hypothyroid for 3 1/2 yrs but don’t feel my medication has ever got me back to “normal”.
  185. My daughter has ME/CFS. Her fatigue, her frequent illnesses, her mood, her weight and her features all shout that she’s hypothyroid. I hope to help my daughter find the road back to health as her GP does not have the knowledge to help her.
  186. I am currently seeing Dr Peatfield after years of suffering with increased deterioration with the NHS on many levels having adverse effect on my life and career.
  187. Trying to gain greater understanding of my mother’s thyroid condition whom i do not feel is being adequately treated by her doctor.
  188. Ill in 1982, diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2002 by Dr Skinner. chair of the Thyroid Self Help Group in Nottm. Need to work together so have a bigger voice.
  189. Have HypoT. Medication has remained little unchanged, told ‘see how it goes. So I need some help on where to go, who to see, help appreciated.
  190. I had Graves disease which was treated with radioactive iodine in 2007. Since then I have become hypothyroid. I feel under par constantly on Levothyroxine.
  191. I’ve had hypothyroidism for over a yr and the drs have done the wrong blood tests and still not got me on the right doseage.I feel broken and with no where to turn.
  192. I have an underactive and am currently taking levothyroxine, but still have many symptoms.
  193. I have been on Levo since October last year and am finding it hard to get on with.
  194. Mum has thyroid problems which have seriuosly affected her well being I am keen to learn all I can about it so I can help her and manage my own early symptoms.
  195. I’ve been on Levothyroxine since 2000, and suffered from anxiety disorder on/off since then, I would like to find out how I can manage my thyroid disorder and different treatments.
  196. Female 46 very frustrated with medical profession, finally seen an endocrinolgist but won’t even consider prescribing T3, either natural or synthetic very fed up!
  197. I was diagnosed hypothhyroid over 20 years ago and have been taking thyroxine ever since. At the moment I feel so unwell and depressed, I don’t know where to turn and would probably be better off dead.
  198. Diagnosed this year, on Levothroxine 50mg, just been increase to 75mg,not feeling good with this. Looking for Doc that will help as mine said he didnt know what desiccated thyroid was.
  199. I’ve been diagnosed with fybromyalgia, a friend suggested i contact you, any improvement will be marvellous after years of medical problems.
  200. I’ve been hypothyroid for nearly a year and am suffering worse than before on Levothyroxine. I’m looking for some answers and a way forwward to improve my health. Thank you.
  201. I am having trouble getting help for my daughter from her NHS gp, she has been diagnosed with thyroid deficiency and needs help!
  202. I keep getting a negative result with blood test’s even though I have symptoms of an under active thyroid.
  203. Hello, I’m 39 and have a diagnosis of FM, a borderline TSH level and cannot get treatment on NHS! I’m currently exploring private avenues.
  204. I am currently on Thyroxine and still not well, I need to find an alternative ASAP.
  205. To help my wife deal with a thyroid problem because her GP cant help!
  206. I have all the symptoms of hashimoto’s thyroiditis.i have autoimmune antibodies of greater than 1300,tsh of 4.06 & feeling so sick but given no treatment!
  207. Hi I am 48yrs hypo for 14 yrs ish just had thyroxine increased to 150mg p day because I was feeling unwell with so many symptoms which are still remaining! Looking for answers!
  208. I need some advice and support regarding my intolerence to all thyroid medications tried. Sheila has recommended that I join the group so I can also access the files section.
  209. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2+ years ago and placed on 50mcg synthroid daily. I am looking for something else to help me as the synthroid causes me memory loss and I am always tired.
  210. .


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