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A Simple Explanation of How our Thyroid Hormones Work And Why Things Go Wrong

Medical science has discovered the bodily functions that can be the culprit in our feeling bad. This was done by Refetoff, Braverman, et al. in the 60’s. So by 1970, medical science knows that there is no longer a direct connection between the thyroid and symptoms. So while a deficient thyroid secretion can cause the symptoms of hypothyroidism, so can deficiencies in the discovered bodily functions of peripheral metabolism and peripheral cellular hormone reception (post thyroid).

The thyroid predominately produces the prohormone thyroxine (T4) == sort of like crude oil. This crude oil must then be refined by the peripheral metabolism into the active hormone (T3) == which is akin to petrol or gasoline. Then the T3 must go to the cells’ nuclei by way of the hormone reception == very loosely like the carburettor atomising the petrol and creating an air-gas mixture that can be ignited to create power.

So cars don’t run on crude oil, and they don’t run with any other sort of means of creating an air-gas mixture. We don’t run unless we have triiodothyronine (T3) and the cells can acquire the T3 from the circulating blood.

In short these functions, which are known to medical science, exist.

Just as your car mechanic checks on the carburettor, fuel injectors, ignition system, etc. when your car does not run, physicians should also check on bodily functions that are known to exist that also produce the patient’s symptoms. This is fundamental to the medical philosophies of Evidence Based Medicine and Differential Diagnosis.

So if you have continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism, the mimics of hypothyroidism, those post thyroid functions of peripheral metabolism and peripheral cellular hormone reception should be tested.

But they are not. The T3 and rT3 tests would be a good beginning, but they are not recommended by endocrinology establishment. In fact, no test that would suggest a T3 containing hormone replacement is recommended. In fact, they are virtually banned.

Next, let us assume that we have arrived at non-prescribed test that suggests a T3 replacement. Well, any product containing T3 is banned as well. Instead, the self-proclaimed masters of thyroid mechanics replace the fuel injectors with spark plugs or something equally silly == i.e., they want to replace the deficient T3 with T4 (assuming all the time that peripheral metabolism and peripheral hormone reception, the post thyroid functions, never fail.

So what do we have? In the name of combating quackery, the victims of post thyroid deficiencies are restricted from the information that would suggest the prescription of needed, but banned, hormone replacements. In the name of combating quackery, with respect to the post thyroid deficient patient, they promote quackery == life-long quackery.

But we must step back and see where the fault lies. The fault is in ignoring the medical science and the ignoring of medical protocols for diagnosis. If your mechanic ignored the functionality of cars, he would go out of business shortly. But since the endocrinology establishment is not subject to the same requirements of providing good and proper service, they don’t. They do not need to know the complete functionality of the greater thyroid system (including the post thyroid operations of peripheral metabolism and hormone reception) to make money.

And they won’t provide a good service until things go horridly wrong for them.


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