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Absorption of Calcium with Levothyroxine

HERE is a references to the effects of calcium on absorption. It’s of course regarding levothyroxine, but still interesting results, and should be applicable to NDT as well. The following quote is from

“When 1,000 μg of levothyroxine alone was given to subjects, the maximum average total T4 absorption was 837 μg (83.7% of the dose ingested) at 120 minutes. When levothyroxine was coadministered with 2.0 g of calcium (as calcium carbonate), the maximum average T4 absorption decreased to 579 μg (57.9% of the dose ingested) at 240 minutes. The total levothyroxine absorption over 6 hours was significantly greater with thyroxine than that with thyroxine and calcium (p = 0.02).”

Nalini Singh, Shawna L. Weisler, and Jerome M. Hershman. Thyroid. October 2001, 11(10): 967-971. doi:10.1089/105072501753211046.


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