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All Abour Systemic Candidiasis


Also called Systemic Candidiasis, Candida Albicans, and Monilla.

Free Candida test at the end of this article. WHAT IS CANDIDA?

It will steal your breath, your energy, your life. It is a yeast found in minute quantities along with millions of beneficial B vitamin producing bacteria (Lactobacilli) in a healthy body.

Candida is a dimorphic organism, having the chameleon-like ability to change from a yeast to the mycelialfungal form. The yeast-like form is a noninvasive, sugar-fermenting organism. The fungal form produces rhitzoids, long root-like structures which are invasive and can penetrate the intestinal mucosa like in “leaky gut” syndrome, releasing metabolic toxins, and incompletely digested proteins into the blood stream. This initiates a series of adverse reactions that may cause tissue damage, and a wide range of problems, including food sensitivities and allergies.


Antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria which normally suppress Candida. Mutant or wild type bacteria are created which are highly resistant to antibiotics.

Nutritional Deficiencies. Poor diet, poor digestion and malabsorption from gluten intolerance all set the stage for poor resistance to Candida overgrowth.

Antibiotic Residues in Commercial Meat: We encourage antibiotic and hormone-free meats.

Use of Recreational Drugs – Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, tobacco, etc. These drugs stress the liver, the adrenals, and the immune system. The attendant erratic nutrition further depletes well-being and resistance to Candida.

The Pill. The hormones in birth control pills encourage yeast growth. Cortisone,Prednisone, etc. encourage yeast growth.

Operations, Catheterization, Radiation, Anti-Cancer Drugs, Amalgam Fillings: Some holistic practitioners feel the leaching of mercury from silver/mercury amalgams puts a toxic load on the body, preventing full health and complete eradication of Candida.

Anti-yeast Pharmaceuticals, including Oral and Topical Preparations are producing new resistant strains of these microorganisms. This can lead to recurrent infections that resist treatment and become a debilitating health problem.

Reduced oxygen supplies: Oxygen will help kill germs, bacteria, virus and fungus; candida is a fungus. Having adequate oxygen stores reduces biochemical stresses and maximizes bodily function in the presence of parasites such as candida.

WHO CAN GET CANDIDA? Anyone. Men. women, children, the elderly.pregnant women (due to hormonal changes, stress and higher nutrient needs often not met). Women have special problem. The yeast needs food, water, warmth and darkness. The yeast typically starts growing in the intestinal tract and spills over into the reproductive area.

Note: Spermicide Noxynol-9 kills healthy bacteria in the female reproductive system.


Candida often first spreads in the Gl tract. Many symptoms can develop, such as gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, nausea, constipation and/or diarrhea, and major cravings for sugar, starches and alcohol, which are the foods the candida increasingly demands. The more of these candida foods that are consumed, the worse you begin to feel as candida proliferates, releasing toxins and interfering with digestion. Eventually, the yeast can enter the blood stream and spread through the body. At this point, the immune system begins to be overwhelmed and to falter. As the candida spreads, symptoms grow more diffuse and convoluted: Depression, lethargy, mental confusion/fog, mood swings, PMS, confused thyroid function, susceptibility to infections (sinus, respiratory, bladder, gums, etc.), sensitivity to pollutants, fumes (which can become full-blown “environmental illness”), achy muscles and/or joints, skin fungus…



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