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Candida Recovery

Desserts were my addiction. Like many of you, I love chocolate, and I love desserts. I spent days and days looking through cookbooks for ideas on how to make desserts that would be allowed. In the beginning, I was frustrated and angry that I couldn’t have cakes and cookies and puddings, and things I loved. But after a while, I got creative. I learned about stevia, a natural non-toxic sweetener that is allowed on the program. I experimented with it. I started making sugarless cookies using whole wheat flour and oatmeal (which are tolerated in small amounts and only if eaten hot/cooked), I made sugarless puddings, custards with soy or rice milk, jello dishes, lemon things. I don’t like dairy products, I don’t even like lemon. But I really wanted something sweet after dinner. I knew chocolate was not allowed because of the caffeine, so I experimented with carob not the same, but it was satisfying to be able to have some semblance of dessert after my meals.
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