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Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism Wilmar M. Wiersinga, M.D

Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism Wilmar M. Wiersinga, M.D

Evaluation of a patient suspected of hypothyroidism, starts with obtaining conclusive evidence that thyroid hormone deficiency is absent or present. Clinical examination suffices to provide a definitive answer in very severe cases of thyroid hormone deficiency, but is less accurate in mild cases. Biochemical proof of thyroid hormone deficiency is thus required in the vast majority of patients.

If hypothyroidism is demonstrated, the next question to be answered is which disease entity has caused the hypothyroid state (nosological diagnosis). Delineation of the cause of hypothyroidism is relevant for identification of patients with potentially reversible hypothyroidism; it migh also give a clue for the existence of other conditions associated with a specific cause.


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