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Diseases of The Thyroid Gland – George R Murray (1900)

Diseases of the Thyroid Gland, Part 1. Myxoedema and Cretinism is an amazing book published in 1900 by H K Lewis in London. The Preface of the book is below and you can download the book to read, in PDF format  Murray G R (1900) Diseases of the Thyroid Gland.



In the following pages I have endeavoured to describe in a convenient form the results of the observations which have been made during the last few years on the functions of the thyroid gland, and their relation to the symptoms, pathology, and treatment of the diseases to which it is liable. As far as possible the clinical and pathological descriptions are founded on personal observations, and the illustrations have all been prepared from my own specimens and cases. It has been found convenient to divide the subject into two parts, so that in this volume the structure and functions of the thyroid gland will be considered together with the two diseases, myxoedema and cretinism, which are due to loss of those functions. Goitre, exophthalmic goitre, and other thyroidal diseases, will be described later in the second part. Nearly the whole of the first two of the Goulstonian Lectures on the Pathology of the thyroid Gland delivered by me at the Royal College of Physisians in 1899, as well as some short extracts from my article on diseases of the Thyroid Gland in Vol.IV, of the “Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine,” have been incorporated in this volume.


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