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Do you Have Tissue Resistance To Thyroid Hormones?

As many of you know I had been suffering tissue resistance and was needing a lot of Armour before I felt well. I put it down to “tissue resistance” and assumed it was just me and I could’t do anything about it.

On my initial ramp up 10 years ago I had to get to 6 grains before I felt well all day and over the following 10 years had increased to 12 grains in order to feel well. On that dose my pulse was good and there were no hyper symtoms.

When Armour reformulated and I crashed badly I came back to the Internet looking for whether other people had problems with it finding they had (though I was one of the first)

I also came across RT3 as being a common cause of resistance with the suggestion that going onto T3 only for a few months can clear this.

The theory is that RT3 is inactive and yet can bind to T3 receptors “blocking” them. RT3 is only produced from T4 and if you take the T4 out of the equation then eventually (and it takes months) the T3 receptors clear restoring normal sensitivity again. Initially it clears from the blood but you still have to wait longer for the receptors to clear.

Under the guidance of the people in the RT3 group I have tried this successfully.

After 10 days or so I had a short hyper surge and had to drop dose and ramp up again, this seemed to be my T4 reserves suddenly deciding to convert (when I dropped T3 dose the hyper didn’t clear quickly enough indicating more was coming from somewhere). Once I had passed this point it was a smooth journey again.

While I was on the T3 there were several residual symptoms which I had just put down to getting older that cleared my to my surprise (as I didn’t realise they were residual hypo symptoms). They may have been excess T4 symptoms or RT3 symptoms rather than pure hypo, they certainly cleared though. I am a lot less “stiff and achy” than I was

After 11 weeks on T3 where I had been adjusting dose by pulse, temperature, and fog level and increasing weekly I suddenly found myself needing half the amount of T3 overnight.

I am going to give it another month or so on T3 only to make sure everything has cleared and is stable (it’s much easier to regulate T3 by symptoms than Armour even, you only have 1 time constant to contend with once TSH is suppressed and the T4 is out of your system). You could never regulate T3 purely by blood tests though, things can change overnight if you are clearing resistance and you need to react to it suddenly.

At the moment it’s looking like this stable dose of T3 is going to be around the 112 mark which fits in the “typical band” of 75 to 125 that apparently most people need on T3 only.

After I’m on a new stable dose of T3 I shall try swapping back onto Natural and will use Greater Pharma rather than Armour.

If anyone is having conversion problems, finding they need 6 grains plus and are not feeling 100% on that even, or have blood test results indicating RT3 that is high but in range while having low in range fT3 it is worth them finding out more about this as it seems to be very successful in clearing conversion/resistance issues. There is a lot of good information about this on the RT3 group.

Sorry this is a long post but it’s a complicated story.



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