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Doctors are Dangerous!

Why Young Doctors Are Unlikely To Use
Natural Remedies

You probably know that our medical system is the most corrupt medical system money can buy. I’ve detailed many of the corrupt deals that go on between our government and big business. But it goes far beyond the Big Pharma-owned FDA. It extends right into the academic white ivory towers. So even the education our up-and-coming doctors receive is corrupt.

When I was in medical school in the early ’70s, we didn’t see significant financial dealings with the schools and industry. Yes, Pharma conducted trials at medical schools. But investigators didn’t have other ties to the corporate sponsors. Now, author Bekelman reports that about two-thirds of academic medical centers hold equity interest in Big Pharma companies that sponsor research within their institution. And another report found that two-thirds of medical school department chairmen receive departmental income from drug companies. And three-fifths of them receive personal income.

It’s no wonder then that we have a system totally weighted toward synthetic petrochemical pharmaceuticals, with bogus/biased research (if you can call it research). More and more cases are reaching the courts, and it’s costing Big Pharma and executives billions in damages. But it’s taking a bigger impact on our kids.

Not only are young, new doctors more likely to focus on drugs, but the biggest impact of the drugs is on young kids. If they can get them hooked young, they have a customer for life. Marcia Ansell is a Harvard Medical lecturer and previous editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. She has detailed corruption that is poisoning children. She says doctors are now diagnosing kids as young as two with bipolar disorder. The reason? So they can fill the kids with a horrific cocktail of mind-altering drugs. What’s worse is that many of these drugs have never received FDA approval for use in kids.

Action to take: Please don’t believe anything your doctor tells you about the new and latest “breakthrough” whether it’s for heart disease, cancer, or any mind-altering chemical. It’s more likely than not to be false – and extremely dangerous.
I rarely tell you anything positive about allopathic drugs. If I do, it will be because what I have read makes logical sense, fits known biochemistry, and where I believe the benefits far, far outweigh risks. Instead, I focus on nutritional research. I can’t guarantee that such research is not false either. But, since nutrients are not patented (unless it is a proprietary formulation) it’s less likely to be rigged for purely monetary reasons. And their safety is far more assured than it is with the drugs.

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Robert J. Rowen, MDBekelman J.E, et al. Scope and impact of financial conflicts of interest in biomedical research: a systematic review. JAM 2003; 289(4):454-65. CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY

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