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Has Your CCG Refused Funding For NDT? Have You Made A Formal Complaint?

A few weeks ago TPA sent the email below to all members. We now understand that Mr Amin is specficially interested in people who have been refused funding by their CCG and who have complained about the decision. If that applies to you and you were still refused, please contact [email protected]

Some of you may remember that about three years ago, I was in contact with Yogi Amin (Human Rights Lawyer) who works for the Law Firm, Irwin Mitchell (Sheffield)

We lost touch, simply because of the complexities at that time regarding the changes being made that affected GPs and the closing down of all NHS Local Primary Care Trusts, which have now been replaced with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Our appeal to Yogi at that time obviously left a lasting impression, because this morning, after he had been reading about Marys case, telephoned me and said he would still like to help us. What a great day this might turn out to be but, it all depends on each one of you.

Yogi has told me that what he needs, in the first instance, is for all those of you who are not doing well on levothyroxine-only, and who would like to try either synthetic T3, in combination with T4, T3 alone, or natural desiccated thyroid extract (NDT) to ask your GP/Endocrinologist if they would give you a trial of T3 or NDT.

It is important that your GP writes a letter to your local CCG asking if they would fund NDT (because it remains unlicensed in the UK).

If your GP/Endocrinologist refuses to write to your local CCG there is nothing to stop you doing this yourself. You should find the address in your local telephone book. You just need to ask them whether they would be willing to fund NDT if your GP/Endocrinologist is happy to prescribe it for you. You could also ask them whether they would allow your GP to prescribe you synthetic T3 too and see what they say.

Once they have responded, (either to you or your medical practitioner) and whether the response is negative or positive, you should ask for a copy of that letter and send this to Carol [email protected] . Carol will then send these to Yogi who will decide what action can be taken, depending on their responses. Please remember that doctors cannot withhold any information that is in your medical notes, under The Data Protection Act 1998.

Any future legal action may well depend on you, so please do everything that you can to help our cause.

Many thanks



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