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How Do I Tell My GP I Am Taking Thyroid Extract and Not Levothyroxine?

I have found the best way is to be open and honest at all times with your doctor. It will come out one day so get it out of the way now and then you can get on with your life. Here is a list of what I would do.
Tell him like it is. As he is not prescribing it and you intend to go on using it anyway, why wouldn’t you tell him/her.

Send him/her a letter, specifically to tell him that because you still felt so unwell when you were prescribed levothyroxine alone, and because many of the symptoms would not go away, you decided to research to find what might be the reason why, and you found out about thyroid extract that used to be the ONLY medication for ALL sufferers of hypothyroidism before the synthetic levothyroxine was manufactured.

Tell him/her you never realised before you researched that the synthetic thyroxine (T4) is only ONE of the thyroid hormones and that this T4 is a mainly inactive hormone anyway and that it has to convert to the active dominant hormone T3.

Tell him/her you didn’t realise that it was the dominant hormone T3 your body needed and not T4.

Tell him/her that you had found through research that some people have a problem in converting this mainly inactive T4 to the active T3 so you wondered whether your answer might be in trying a thyroid hormone replacement like natural Armour Thyroid because that contains T4,T3,T2,T1 and calcitonin.

Tell him/her you found that it is not licensed in the UK but that it has been approved by the FDA because as it had passed all the specifications required by the United States Pharmacopoeia.

Tell him/her you didn’t want to bother him because you felt he would want you to continue with the mainstream protocol of NHS treating with T4 only and that he might deny you a trial, so you felt the need to go ahead and gave yourself a trial to see if it would work better than levothyroxine.

Tell him/her that you have learned that when you are taking all the thyroid hormones your body requires, there is no need for any thyroid stimulating hormone, so the results of any TSH blood tests would show this was completely suppressed

Tell him/her that some doctors believe that thyroid hormones that suppress TSH is dangerous because they believe it causes atrial fibrillation and bone thinning, but this has never been proven, so you are not at all worried.

Tell him/her that to this day, patients with thyroid cancer who are given doses intentionally to suppress their TSH do very well on such a regime

Tell him/her that in 2004, after a review of the scientific literature, The US Preventative Services Task Force (a leading authority) addressed this question, and concluded that despite the multitude of studies there remains NO PROOF THAT LOW OR NO TSH IS DANGEROUS. (Arthritis.Rheum. 2001. October 45.5: 462-7)

Tell him/her you would like your letter to be placed into your medical notes and ask him if he would discuss the points you have raised with the other people concerned

Ask him, because you are feeling so much better, if s/he would monitor you whilst you are taking Armour.

See what results from that and let’s hope he is a kind, considerate, understanding doctor who cares for his patients. The General Medical Council state in their ‘Good Practice Guidelines’ that doctors should listen to their patients and work with them, so now will be your chance to find out whether yours will do this.



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This is brilliant and I’ll definitely be using it. Thank you