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How To Take Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Vanessa writes:

“The NHS Choices Website lists levothyroxine as one of a few medications which MUST be taken on an empty stomach and also not to eat within 30 minutes (an hour or more is even better) or the medicine is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

I pointed my GP towards this advice as he was totally unaware of it. For nearly 2 years I took my levo with breakfast (as no one/info had told me otherwise) and it seemed to be having no effect whatsoever. In fact I think had I not found this advice the ‘medical profession’ would simply have ‘written me off’ as a moaning hypochondriac. My GP was quite stunned when he read it and it prompted him into finding out more about thyroid problems. He confessed I’d been poorly treated at a recent visit and that he’d found no scientific research or medical papers to validate the rationale for prescribing thyroxine!!! I now take mine at least an hour before breakfast and I have noticed improvement in some if not all my symptoms. At least I can function now, albeit I’m not quite at my previous level of intellect or physical wellbeing.

If your GP or endocrinologist has not told you to take levothyroxine on an empty stomach, please point this out to him/her and give the link so they can check this out themselves.


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