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If NDT is good enough for Hillary Clinton – its good enough for us!

hillaryHillary Clinton is considering running for President, and as such, my understanding was that all such candidates were required to show proof of good health, and to release their medical records so that such information is in the public domain.

However, I since found that future candidates are NOT required to release medical records or disclose serious medical problems. The following letter has been browsed directly from the New York Times website: The Secret Medical Records of Presidential Candidates

“As the 2008 presidential race wears on, the medical records of presidential candidates remain shielded by federal law. None are legally required to disclose any medical conditions when running for commander in chief. But a number of historians, bioethics scholars and physicians have argued that medical privacy should not allow presidential candidates to hide serious health problems from voters.”

It is recommended you do your own research into the health background regarding Hillary Clinton, a prominent doctor in her own right and to read the letter written by her own very prominent doctor showing Hillary is now being prescribed natural desiccated porcine thyroid extract (Armour Thyroid) (NDT), with Hillary apparently doing extremely well

There are over 300,000 citizens in the UK alone who are being left to suffer on T4-only with millions left suffering in the US. Is the answer because drug companies cannot make money or take out patents on medicines that are natural, but they can on synthetic drugs.

WHY is the prescribing of NDT not acknowledged as a very safe and effective treatment used for the past century for those of us suffering with a non-thyroidal disorder where T4-alone cannot work?

Is it possible that in this day and age, the RCP, the ATA and BTA are deliberately keeping their heads stuck so high in the clouds they can no longer see whats happening at ground level, leaving the endocrinology speciality appearing to continue to cause harm to those patients who remain ill on T4-only, leaving them feeling wretched. The Drug Companies continue to keep a very tight hold on such organisations thus helping them live their present glorious life-style with apparently no wish to change.

Well done Hillary Clinton for speaking out and long may your good health continue to thrive on Armour Thyroid.


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