This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Interested in Starting a TPA Local Support Group?

Thyroid Patient Advocacy (TPA) Local Thyroid Support Groups

If you would like to help your fellow sufferers who have a thyroid or thyroid-related problem, you may wish to consider starting your own TPA Local Support Group.

If you are interested in this, you can download our TPA Poster (see end of the article) and customise it for your own local requirements, enabling you to give details of date, time, address of venues as well as your contact details. You can then print and distribute the Poster to places, such as your GP’s surgery (and/or any other surgeries in your area, slimming clubs, libraries, hospital endocrine clinic waiting rooms, WI’s, local post offices’ windows, notice boards at supermarkets, etc.) or wherever you feel you may get potential members from.

It is often a good idea to post a “Letter to The Editor” of your local newspaper to alert readers to your group thu1mbup. This should bring in quite a few new members.

You could start off by giving them details of how and where to buy our Thyroid Problems – The TPA Guidebook as this is a good way to get everybody talking. Everything will start to fall into place after your first and very exciting meeting.

I am sure you will enjoy starting such a project; you will be helping so many people who are probably being left to suffer in isolation in your area.

Please email Sheila for more details.
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Instructions for download:
To save a copy to your computer, right-click with mouse and select ‘Save Target/Link As …’ in the pop-up window:

Customisable TPA Poster (MS Word document “tpa_poster_template.doc”; size 2.8 Mb)
How-To Guide (PDF file “instructions_poster.pdf”; size: 92 kb).
Ready-to-print (no editing required, can be filled in by hand) TPA Poster (MS Word document “tpa_poster_blank.doc”; size 2.8 Mb)


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