This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Iodine – An Overlooked And Underappreciated Extraordinary Nutrient

The western world would be so much healthier if we simply paid attention to our fundamental nutritional status. Iodine deficiency is well-documented in medical literature, and its consequences can be catastrophic to ones health if left unchecked. Dr. Meletis will discuss such trends, with specific focus on the use of iodine as a therapeutic tool in the pursuit of augmenting thyroid health, breast health and whole body wellness. This discussion will include how iodine deficiency became such a widespread problem, why its important to have sufficient iodine levels, how to test for iodine sufficiency, the link between thyroid disease and breast disease, and many other compelling points of clinical consequences, including ADHD and impact on ones IQ.


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