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Is The RCP Listening to Us At Last

I have it on good authority (from a Royal College of Physician’s spokesperson that she “has just learnt that we (RCP) are currently in discussion with the Society for Endocrinologyand the British Thyroid Association about issuing an updated statement to take account of current evidence. In the meantime you might like to know that the American Thyroid Association has just released a detailed guideline on this issue (attached and published in “Thyroid” Journal in 2014) which includes much relevant information and evidence”.

There is a lot of evidence in the ATA guideline that has not been included in any ‘guidance’ before and that is good, but there is also a lot that has not been included such as patient counterexamples to T4-only therapy – + + +! This is our opportunity to write to the RCP giving them the evidence that has not yet been included asking them to take these into account – again + + +!. I am also asking them that this time, they take into account the voices of over 10,500 TPA subscribers, instead of ignoring us as they have done in the past (probably because, on the whole, we are diametrically opposed to their current view, so they only allow the voice of the British Thyroid Foundation to be heard.

Read what Mary Shomon has to say about the ATA Guidelines on Hypothyroidism…-2014-Hypothyroidism-Guidelines-Published.htm

This is really great news, and hopefully, they have been looking at all the evidence that TPA has sent them over the past years, even though there are two past Presidents who wrote that they would not be entering into any further discussion regarding this subject.


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