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Lacking In Essential Vitamin D

Welcome to the world of low Vitamin D! This is quite a long message because I have lots to pass on to you. I spent quite a bit of time researching this for my own interest when I discovered I had low Vit D levels back in 2007. Please check everything I’ve written with your doc though to make sure that it is suitable for you, even though I am pretty confident about the info because I sought advice from people in pathology labs (so I was sure of the right blood tests to have) and looked into the link between low Vit D and other medical problems.

What was the test that you had? Was it 25-Hydroxy-D (25-OH-D)? or 1,25-Hydroxy-D? The 25-Hydroxy-D serum level is the one that should be used to determine whether you have a Vitamin D deficiency.

For your interest, my first blood test result for 25-hydroxy-D came back at 26 nmol/L back in ’07. The doctor then prescribed a one-off dose of 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3 (can’t remember what the carrying agent is right now) and instructed me to take 1000 iu dose of Vitamin D3 via a capsule every day thereafter. I personally have not had any ill effects of anykind. That regime helped to increase my Vit D levels to within ‘normal’ levels. Prior to supplementation, my levels were initially really low DESPITE having spent an entire Australian summer working outside in the sun!!! Mark my words, we have LOTS of sunlight over here during the summer season!!!!! It is a coincidence, but I’m having a blood test for my Vit D levels tomorrow, so I’ll be curious to see whether a daily dose of 1000iu of Vitamin D has continued to keep my vit D levels within range. The last time I was tested was in July 2008. I’ll let you know the outcome.

Can you get a high dose of Vitamin D via a prescription from your doctor? One of the main reasons that Vit D is prescribed is because of the well recognised link between low Vit D levels and osteoporosis. My doc prescribed it for me and it was made up at a compounding pharmacy. I live in Australia, so perhaps things are different over in the UK. My daily dose now is 1000iu of D3 via a capsule that I am able to buy over the counter at any pharmacy in Australia. I hope that you don’t have to hunt too hard for Vitamin D over there.

This” Position Statement is from my country and if you want, you could print it out and hand it to your doctor to prove how important it is to supplement with Vit D if you have low levels. It was written by Working Group of the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society, Endocrine Society of Australia and Osteoporosis Australia, so these are all well respected ‘mainstream’ groups.

There is a well established link between Osteoporosis and Vitamin D. I would strongly recommend that you ask your doctor for a bone density scan to work out whether your bones have been affected by the low Vit D levels. My doctor made sure that I had a scan. In fact they insisted on it. Don’t worry though I had low VitD levels however my bone density was fine. Whew for that! It is worth spending the money on a bone density scan especially with such a low Vit D result as yours.

I trust that this information will be useful. It was discovered with a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears when I first discovered my low Vit D levels.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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