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LDN Links from Jenny in Oz.

From Jenny: recently i have been researcing low dose naltrexone (ldn). if you don’t know about it, it is a therapy origianlly developed to beat opiate additiction (and booze i think) and was prescribed in doses starting at 50mg. (for whatever reason) it has been found that doses of max 4.5mg taken between 10pm and 2am have been effective in a whole whost of disease states (ms, autoimmunes) by virtue of blocking the opioid receptors for a few hours which forces the body to make more endorphins. the only down side as far as i have found is that it can cause candida to re-emerge so candida has to be dealt with first plus of course no opiate drugs taken.

i’m very likely going to give it a try you can buy it from india 50mgtablets and make the low dose by dissollving in 50ml of water it lasts for a month in or out of the fridge and is very reasonably priced (dirt cheap really).you can also get it from europe at ridiculously high prices and ditto canada.(the best of course would be to get it prescribed)


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