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Links -Effects of Oestrogen

Links -Effectsof Oestrogen –

Up to 80% Of Women Over 50 Will Be Affected By Fibroids

We know they can be a pain literally but a new survey proves they can impact your whole quality of life unless prevented or treated and oestrogen dominanceis the first place to start .
Readmore…Gallbladder Surgery Risk Increased for Women On Oral Oestrogen A French study has identified an increased risk for menopausal women on oraloestrogen-only Hormone Replacement Therapy and the possibility of gallbladder surgery.Readmore…

The Pill The Consequences of Three Generations of Hormonal Havoc Whether for contraception, menopause symptoms or to control heavy bleeding, women havebeen given artificial hormones for many years now. What is the price we havepaid? Readmore…Oestrogen Dominance Can Affect Breast Cancer Treatment Thelink with oestrogen and breast cancer is well established and rebalancing withbioidentical natural progesterone could be a priority, particularly for womenwho are overweight. Readmore…

Chronic Estrogen Exposure Linked to High Blood Pressure in Women

You may think you know all about the effects of Estrogen Dominance, but this new research might make you review its serious impact on womens heart health.

Anti-Ageing Hormones Have Little or No Benefit But are High Risk TheAmerican

Medical Association recently published an assessment of the risks andbenefits of growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen and DHEA for anti-ageing.Readmore…

More than 50 percent Higher Risk of Asthma on Estrogen-only HRT

Frenchand Mexican researchers found that compared with women who had never used anyform of HRT, those who did use it were 21 percent more likely to developasthma
Readmore…Facing Up To Fibroids Preventionis the best option, so tackling oestrogen dominance is the first step becausefibroids are produced by excess oestrogen and their growth is stimulated by it.Readmore…


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