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Low Dose Naltrexone & fibromyalgia

I took Low Dose Naltrexone and yes it definitely did relieve the fibro pain however, “in my opinion” it ripped the zinc, magnesium and other vitamins from my body even though I was supplementing. Fortunately I now have these replaced via IV infusion.

On one hand pain was going, but on the other I lost sense of taste and smell and went into a depression. When I eased back off the LDN the pain came back with a whoosh DOH

I ‘think’ the LDN was trying to rid my body of the mercury, but as we know with mercury you have to have DMSA or similar to carry it out of the body, else it moves itself around to other places.

If anyone suspects they may have a mercury problem, I would encourage caution. If not I reckon it is the best thing since sliced bread for so many conditions.

Just BTW, I had the same problem when trying to remove the mercury with DMSA,


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