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Making a Complaint Against Your Doctor

I would suggest that you do not be put off with vague answers. Always ask them for references to back up their diagnosis. If they write back and dont give you any, keep writing back asking for references. Also give them references to back up your case. (Other members or Sheila will try to help you with these if necessary)

If they seem to take a long time to answer, phone their secretary or surgery. If you can, send a fax reminding them that you need an answer. When you send in a letter of complaint, always try to remember to give them, say, two working weeks to respond, and ask that if they need longer, to let you know in writing.

Always get copies of all medical notes, scans and test results (with the reference ranges). I found out that the scan I had via the endo, said that I had Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism yet he still said I did not have a thyroid problem.

Keep copies of all letters you send and keep all letters you receive and date them.

Keep writing. Do not give up until you have a satisfactory answer. Ask for the name of the Chief Executive of the hospital and write to him. Get the name of the head of the GP practice and write to him. Write to everyone. Always ask for the name of the person you talk to on the phone.

If you think they are fobbing you off, ask for details of another agency to which you can complain. Sheila gave me a list of places where I could complain she is a font of information. Go to the Citizens Advice Bureau for a list of agencies. Look on the internet for local agencies who deal with medical complaints.

Do not be put off. Keep writing. It is your health. It is your right to be given treatment. It is your right to be given an answer. They cannot just say to you there is nothing wrong with you ask them to justify their diagnosis.

Keep writing, even if you keep sending the same letter over and over again. If nothing else, it annoys them.

Stages of my complaint

I had an appointment with the endo in January 2007. I was so upset by his attitude and the way he discharged me that I could not ask him at the time why he thought I did not have a thyroid problem.

The day after the appointment with Dr R, I wrote to him asking him why he thought I did not have a thyroid problem.

Several weeks later he wrote back. His reply was not satisfactory so I wrote to him again asking for references to back up his diagnosis.

Several months later he wrote back. Again I was not satisfied with his reply he did not give me any references. I telephoned PALS and they told me to get in touch with the complaints department at the hospital.

I phoned the complaints dept., and talked to a very nice woman Ms P -who suggested I write a letter detailing my complaint.

A few weeks later I received a reply from Ms P saying that Dr R did not think he treated me unfairly.

I wrote back detailing again how he treated me and asked her to get Dr R to give me references to back up his (non) diagnosis.

Her reply did not satisfy me so I wrote again. I received a reply from the Mr H, Chief Executive of the department stating Dr Rs case.

I was still not happy with the replies I had received from the Hospital so I phoned the Healthcare Commission and talked to a case manager who told me to write to them.

I wrote several letters with copy letters to and from the hospital. The Healthcare Commission said they would take up my case but unfortunately as it was taking so long to resolve (and they were being closed down by the Government) they sent my complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman.

At the moment my case is being reviewed by a medical team at the PHSO.


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