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Medical Innovation Bill – could this help thyroid patients?

The Department of Health is asking for views about the Medical Innovation Bill. I have only glanced at it but it might be an opportunity for thyroid patients to give their views about doctors not wanting to prescribe NDT for example because it is not mainstream medicine. The Bill is short so not lots to plough through. This relates to England and Wales only.

By ‘medical innovation’ they mean treatments that aren’t standard practice. This all relates to doctors being put off choosing innovative treatments in case they get sued. I would like to believe that the plight of thyroid patients not being able to get NDT from their GP (in the majority of cases) is an excellent example of how so many patients are being denied treatment that could potentially offer them enormous benefits and in turn save the NHS money because patients would not be treated for a whole variety of conditions as a result of not getting the treatment they need.

This could be a good way to put the thyroid patient views forward. hale1 an1gel thu1mbup chear whoo1

The consultation runs to 25 April.


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