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If you want know whether you have low magnesium you may want to complete this Questionnaire

Circle each yes answer which is given a numerical value.

When you finish, total your score.

==With 30-50, you likely have low magnesium.

==Over 50 & you most certainly have low magnesium.

Total Points:
2 Under excessive emotional stress
3 Irritable; or easily provoked to anger
2 Restless; or hyperactive
4 Easily startled by sounds or lights
2 Difficulty sleeping
3 Chronic headaches or migraines
2 Convulsions
3 Fine tremor or shakiness in your hands
3 Fine; barely noticeable muscle twitching around your eyes; facial muscles; or other muscles of your body
3 Muscle cramps
3 Muscle spasms in hands or feet
4 Gag or choke from spasms in your oesophagus(food tube)
3 Have asthma or wheezing
2 Suffer from emphysema; chronic bronchitis; or shortness breath
5 Have osteoporosis
3 Have you ever had a kidney stone
2 Suffer from chronic kidney disease
4 Have diabetes
3 Have an overactive thyroid; or parathyroid gland
3 Have high blood pressure
4 Have mitral valve prolapse (“floppy heart valve”)
3 Have very fast heart beats; irregular heart beats; or arrhythmia
3 Take Digitalis (Digoxin)
5 Take any kind of diuretic
5 Recent radiation therapy or exposure
4 Have more than 7 alcohol drinks weekly
3 Have you ever had a drinking problem?
2 Have more than 3 servings of caffeine daily
2 Eat sugar containing food daily
2 Crave carbohydrates &/or chocolate
2 Crave salt
2 Eat a high processed food/ junk food diet
2 Eat a diet low in green; leafy vegetables; seeds; & fresh fruit
2 Eat a low protein diet
2 Pass undigested food or fat in your stools
3 Suffer from chronic intestinal disease; ulcerative colitis; Crohn’s; irritable bowel syndrome
3 Frequent diarrhoea or constipation
3 Suffer from PMS or menstrual cramps
2 Pregnant or recently pregnant
4 In previous pregnancy had high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia
2 Chronic fatigue
2 Muscle weakness
2 Cold hands &/or feet
2 Numbness in face; hands; or feet
2 Persistent tingling in body
2 Chronic lack of interest; indifference; or apathy
2 Poor memory
2 Loss of concentration
3 Anxiety
2 Chronic depression for no apparent reason
2 Feelings of disorientation as to time or place
2 Feel your personality is stiff or mechanical
2 Hallucinations
2 Feel that people are trying to harm or persecute you
2 Face pale; puffy; or lacking in colour
2 Loss of considerable sexual energy or vitality
2 Been told by your Dr that your blood calcium is low
3 Been told by your Dr that your blood potassium is low
2 Take Calcium supplements regularly without magnesium
2 Take iron or zinc supplements regularly without magnesium
2 Know chronic exposure to fluorides
3 Frequently use antibiotics; steroids; oral contraceptives; Indomethacin; Cisplatin; Amphotericin B; Cholestyramine; synthetic estrogens

<== – TOTAL … Subtract 15 from your score if you daily supplement at least 600 mg of magnesium.


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