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Medical Referral List From Biolab

The Biolab referral list is a list of medical doctors specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine, and allergy. All doctors on the list are familiar with Biolab investigations and welcome patients who may benefit from our laboratory investigations. These doctors are members of professional organisations for doctors working in this field of medicine and / or they regularly attend Biolab workshops for doctors (lectures and general discussions about nutritional and environmental medicine). This service is provided to assist patients and doctors in finding specialists in their area. We cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of consultations with these doctors, and encourage patients to discuss their needs with the doctor, or their staff, prior to booking a consultation. Please also confirm the cost of consultations and treatments, and if necessary confirm with your medical insurance provider if the fees will be covered.

For further details please contact the doctors directly or see their web sites (link provided where applicable).
This list is arranged in order of region/country. To find a doctor in a particular town or county try searching this page for the required name (Ctrl + F).

If you are a doctor who would like to apply to be included on the list, please contact Biolab directly for an application form at

The British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) also maintain a list of medical members who are available for consultations, see (click on the Practitioners link)

To see the current list, click here :

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