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Mercury and the Thyroid Gland

Mercury is a highly toxic metal that poses negative effects on human health, and in particular, the thyroid gland. Well known as the prime component of dental amalgam fillings. 50% dental fillings are comprised of mercury — mercury contributes to thyroid disease as well as anemia. Large doses of this metal are known to cause hyperthyroidism; however, smaller amounts contribute to hypothyroidism by interfering with the production of thyroxin, or T4, as well as the conversion of T4 to the active T3.

This section provides a collection of interesting articles and web sites discussing the current information about mercury and thyroid health. during pregnancy as cause of developmental delays, reduced IQs, and autism; The mercury and toxic metal connection by B. Windham (Ed)

This article by B. Windham appeared on the web site of the environmental group

Florida League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, State of the Florida Environment Education. In it, studies have documented that mercury causes hypothyroidism, damage of thyroid RNA, autoimmune thyroiditis and impairment of conversion of thyroid T4 hormone to the active T3 form. These studies and clinical experience indicate that mercury and toxic metal exposures appear to be the most common cause of hypothyroidism and the majority treated by metals detoxification recover or significantly improve.
Mercury Madness

Learn more about mercury exposure and its effect on human health. Rebecca Dutton provides a collection of informative — and disturbing — facts about this highly toxic metal.

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