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More thyroid news! Daily Mail article by Jerome Burne (26 August 2014)

Thyroid article in the Daily Mail on 26 August 2014

Here’s another reason to be cautiously optimistic about a slow rise in media attention for TPA’s campaign for better thyroid treatment: yesterday (Tue, 26/08/14), the Daily Mail published an article by journalist Jerome Burne in their paper edition, entitled: “Cold hands? Always tired? It could be the hidden thyroid problem many doctors refuse to treat,” which has since also been made available in their online edition, MailOnline. This comes only a few weeks after the Sunday Telegraph published a critical piece on so-called “renegade” doctors who choose to circumvent NHS thyroid treatment policies to improve the quality of life of their patients (Sunday Telegraph, 27/07/14).

The DM article addresses the issue of those suffering with symptoms of hypothyroidism due the body’s inability to convert T4 into T3, thereby causing many individuals debilitating ailments such as fatigue, aching joints, excessive weight gain. Yet, doctors frequently refuse to acknowledge the problem of T4/T3 conversion which leaves thousands of people suffering or worse, being told that theirs is a mental health problem (“It’s all in your head.”).

As of today, 27 August, the DM article has received 264 comments and has been shared nearly 2,000 times on social networks.

How much longer do we have to wait before the RCP, BTA and GMC admit that they have got it wrong? It is up to us, the patients, to keep this issue in the public domain and continue to raise awareness – so please, leave a comment at the end of the article about your bad experiences at the hands of the NHS – in the hope that one day we will be getting the diagnosis and treatment we deserve.

You can read the article at MailOnline and leave your comment by clicking HERE.


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