This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.


Dear Member

There are some wonderful things happening around TPA at the moment and we are moving ahead at a spanking pace. I believe that at last, we are beginning to see glimmers of real light in the dark road so many of us have been forced to tread.

In the past, Endocrinology and those being left to suffer with thyroid symptoms haven’t got on very well but TPA promises to do everything without its power to overcome this in the future. Medical practitioners DO know that there is a lot that they have got wrong and it must be very worrying to them when their patients keep coming back time and time again, complaining of continuing symptoms, even though they are prescribing levothyroxine for them. Doctors, by their own admission, have had their hands tied by the British Thyroid Association, the Royal College of Physicians and the General Medical Council and at the moment, they appear to be quite unable of doing anything to rectify this situation.

Why is this?

Because as each day dawns, medical practitioners are becoming more and more afraid of being arraigned before the GMC should they dare to diagnose and treat outside of mainstream medicine, which we all know, is levothyroxine-only therapy. Because of this, medical practitioners are causing real harm to over 300,000 sufferers in the UK alone, who are continuing to suffer symptoms. and who should be prescribed T3, and not T4.



US Researcher, Eric K Pritchard MSc, has been working tirelessly over the past few years in his determination to find the reasons WHY Endocrinology continue to turn a blind eye to the science that has been available for over half a century, that shows their treatment protocol of T4-only does NOT work for all.

I am delighted to tell you that his paper entitled Reducing the Scope of Guidelines and Policy Statements in Hypothyroidisms to be published in The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in 2 days time (Monday 24 June 2013).

This paper proves that those doctors, who are denying T3 to patients who need it, are practising outside of their scope. This is not only medical negligence, it is criminal negligence. Please click on above link to read the Unabridged Version, or you can read a shortened summary by Eric Pritchard MSc.

This is one paper that every member of TPA should copy and give to their GP or Endocrinologist asking that they make time to read it, for the sake of their patients both now, and in the future. I will be sending this VERY important paper to all 750 NHS endocrinologists indivually during the course of the coming week.




Because the RCP refuse to take account of the available scientific evidence to show that not everybody gets well on T4-only, they will now HAVE to take into consideration the existence of counterexamples to such a therapy. TPA intends to support their view through the development of a worldwide register of patients who do not benefit from T4-only and to this end, we have created a very short questionnaire for those who still had symptoms when treated with T4, who tried a T3 thyroid hormone product and found their symptoms were mitigated or disappeared completely. The objective of this Register is to draw to the attention of those responsible authorities throughout the world, the dire need for an urgent re-examination of the existing protocol for the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Our Register of Counterexamples will run alongside Dr Gordon Skinner’s WORLD THYROID REGISTER’. Please take a minute to add your name to this VERY IMPORTANT Register and ask family and friends to do so too


Whilst into the business of signing PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE also sign this VERY important petition entitled:


Please pass it on to your family, friends, workmates, people in the street, everybody in your contacts list, and address book and also send to the owners of any thyroid or thyroid related web sites or/and the owners of thyroid support forums that you know of -both online and local and pass the link to Social Networking Sites asking them to do the same, wherever possible, too.

Please work as hard as you can so that you, personally, can be satisfied that you have done everything within your power to MAKE THIS PETITION HAPPEN. Without each and every one of us doing our bit, we will not move forward so we have to rely on you all. I say this, because the Department of Health, to date, has done absolutely nothing to help our cause and it doesnt appear they have any intention of doing so. The DoH are NOT supporting sufferers of the symptoms of hypothyroidism they only support the BTA and the RCP by accepting any statements they make on thyroid disease without question and never once, have they ever asked them to provide scientific evidence to research and studies to back up their claims and statements. This is appalling.

The DOH is NOT supporting patients by telling them they will only debate an issue in The House if patients can provide them with a Petition that has 100,000 si gnatures. I do believe that this has been done deliberately knowing that it is practically an impossibility to achieve such massive numbers, so lets show them once and for all that it CAN be done.

Other thyroid groups have made an attempt to collect 100,000 signatures, some reaching over 5000, and then, they give up and nothing more is done and I am sure that this is what the UK Parliament is hoping for. This is why we have to do everything possible to keep on, and on, and on, and on.. until we DO achieve our goal.

Clicking on the above link, you will see that there is a further link in there to a paper version of the Petition, which you can print off if you would like to have a go at collecting even more signatures by hand. You can do this in your place of work, in the street, your village, your town, at your local pub, club, etc. Every signature, wherever it comes from is valuable. The address for returning paper petitions is at the bottom of the petition.




If so, please send CAROL their full name and hospital address where they work to add to our ever growing list. Please write DOCTORS LIST in the Subject Heading.



  • Would you like to become a TPA Trustee?
  • Do you have the experience required to become our Company Secretary@
  • Can you help us raise funds?
  • Do you have any legal knowledge/experience that you feel could benefit TPA?


TPAs REBUTTAL TO SCURRILOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST SHEILA TURNER Unfortunately, TPA has been left with no option other than to refute allegations made against Sheila on a Public Facebook Site by the three Scottish residents who have successfully lodged a THYROID PETITION with the Scottish Parliament on 19 December 2012

They opened their Public FB site in February 2013 to discuss matters relating to their petition and to keep everybody informed of its progress. Sadly, the petitioners also used their FB page to make various allegations against Sheila. The petitioners decided to remove the writing privileges of many of their members, including Sheilas, making it impossible for us to rebut their allegations, hence the necessity for publishing Sheilas rebuttal on the TPA web site in an attempt to protect her reputation and that of TPA in general.

TPA have no wish to take any further action, at this stage, in the hope that this clarification of the facts will put an end to their allegations, and which we believe may have resulted from the petitioners lack of appreciation of web site software, misconceptions and/or poor communication.




TPA did not have a conference last year, but we like to have one in Yorkshire so those members living up North can attend and the following year, one in the he Midlands, so those who live down South can attend. We have found this to work well.

TPA held a very successful Conference at this Cantonese Restaurant about 3 years ago, but could only seat 80 in the large room allocated to us, so this year, we have made a different arrangement. On the first floor, which is completely self contained, there are four Restaurants, three of which seat up to 50/60 and the large room we took over before will be set out with chairs theatre-style all facing the Speakers Table at the front. This way, we can seat up to 160.

The meeting will start at 12 noon so we can meet up and get to know each other a little before starting lunch at 1.00p.m. with the main Conference starting at 2.30p.m. This is expected to go on until about 5.30p.m./6.00p.m.

We will also be holding a Raffle to help raise funds, so if you can help by donating a raffle prize, this would be wonderful and if you are happy to do this, please will you contact MARIE

We will be giving you regular updates as to the Agenda of the meeting, as and when they have been agreed, but meanwhile, if you would like to attend and bring your partner, friends, relatives with you, please contact GILL o let her know how many places you would like to reserve.

Tickets are a very reasonable 15 per person which includes lunch, and I can promise that if the food is anything like it was three years ago, it was VERY substantial and very enjoyable.

Also, if you have any special dietary needs, let Gill know about these too. The food is Cantonese, much of which is gluten free, but if you cannot eat ANY gluten, you may need to take your own food, but Gill will be sorting this with the Manager and she will deal with this matter as and when any problems might arise which we honestly do not envisage at this stage. Vegetarians will be accommodated so no problem there.


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