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NHS complaints rising…

A new report by the Health Service Ombudsman has revealed that NHS complaints are up by 8% in the last year. It points out that patients often feel that their conerns are not being properly addressed and apologies for mistakes are insincere

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said “This important report makes clear that the NHS is still failing to communicate properly with patients and relatives, with a shocking 50% rise in complaints about poor communication. Evidence from our Helpline identifies similiar trends around the confusing use of medical language, an inability to apologise when mistakes are made, and a worrying increase in case of patients being struck off GP lists with no justification”

Read the full report

You can watch Katherine Murphy and Dr Dan Poulter, Health Minister, on the Daily Politics Show, discussing the report read our research citing concerns about GPs

Consultation on the NHS Constitution

This week the Department of Health have annouced a new consultation on the NHS Constitution. The main areas for change are: new responsibilities for staff to treat patients with respect and dignity, a new pledge that all patients should expect to sleep in single-sex wards, and a more open approach to handling complaints.&nbsp

In August The Patients Assocation published research which showed that 76% of patients had never heard of the NHS Constitution, and we have since called for new duties on NHS bodies to raise awareness of patient rights.

You can respond to the consultation

Or read our research on the NHS Constitution


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