This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Ode to TPA


Ode to TPA

Doctor I’m in trouble, I feel so tired and sore,
I feel like I’m on fire, yet my skin’s cold in every pore,
I’m sure I’m hypothyroid but you say the tests are fine,
and that’s why you can’t help me at the current time.
You didn’t try to help me, or care I was unwell,
you just left me to suffer in my wicked hypo hell.
you ignored all of my symptoms, and didn’t give a fig,
you told me to lose weight as I was rather big.
My pulse was running wild and my breath was running short,
hair was falling out; I turned to others for support.
I learned to treat myself and I’ve now come back to say,
at last I’m getting better so you did not get your way.
This story is not over, ’til Justice has been done –
with treatment based on symptoms for each and every one.
The warriors are increasing, funding’s under way
This group is moving forward and it’s called TPA UK


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