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One way to stop your personal details being shown on your test results.

Ensuring you do not publish your personal details, or those of your consultant when copying your official test results onto the forum for help with their interpretation. I think in most cases members do have paper print-outs of such results so any personal information or doctors name etc. can be easily obscured.

However, for those that have received them online and want to post them on the forum, please follow the steps below.

The steps to removing such personal information that we are giving here is probably really ancient, because there’s a lot of image/photo editing software that’s used. There is another way other than the one which are detailed below, but I think that way is too fiddly for the typical stressed, miserable and unhappy thyroid/adrenal patient.

Editing out personal details:

1. Open test result .pdf file in MS Paint, or any other image editor if you have it.

2. Write/paint of black out the bits that should not be there e.g. name, d.o.b., address, your consultant’s name and details, and any other personal details.

3. Save the file under a new name e.g. saliva_test_result_edited.pdf.

4. Upload to forum. That’s it, all done. If you’re having problems, read further.

5. IF you are unable to open the .pdf file in MS Paint, or any other editing software, then open it in MS word.

6. Enable editing by clicking the ‘enable editing’ button at the top.

7. Click ‘insert’ and then ‘shapes’.

8. Click on the rectangle shape.

9. Click and drag upon your name and other details. You should see a blue square appear blotting out your details.

10. Repeat this procedure for any other details you need to remove.

11. Save document/file with new name e.g. saliva_test_result_edited.pdf

12. Upload to forum.


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