This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

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Testosterone and Your Thyroid

27 Apr 2016

Testosterone and Your Thyroid STEP 1: Many men start yawning almost immediately when you bring…

Interrelationships between thyroid dysfunction & hypogonadism in men and boys.

27 Apr 2016

Thyroid. 2004;14 Suppl 1:S17-25. Meikle AW1. Author information • 1Division of Endocrinology, University of Utah…

How to End Insomnia and Wake Up Refreshed

20 Apr 2016

How To End Insomnia and Wake Up Refreshed With Hypothyroidism By Tom Brimeyer |August 6th,…

The Role of Epstein Barr Virus infection in the development of autoimmune thyroid disease.

05 Apr 2016

Abstract Endokrynol Pol. 2015;66(2):132-6. doi: 10.5603/EP.2015.0020. The role of Epstein-Barr virus infection in the development…

Scottish Parliament Petition: update

21 Mar 2016

Here is the latest information concerning the Scottish Parliament Petition: Effective thyroid and adrenal testing,…

Worst Pills to take when taking Thyroid Hormones

14 Mar 2016

Medications That May Cause Adverse Interactions with Thyroid Drugs The thyroid medication levothyroxine (LEVO-T, LEVOXYL,…

Mercury Toxicity – Methylation For Dummies

10 Mar 2016

Mercury Toxicity – Metylation for Dummies: This article makes a potentially complicated process relatively straightforward….

Thyroid Problems – The TPA Guidebook’

01 Mar 2016

INTENDED USE STATEMENT The content of our ‘Thyroid Problems – The TPA Guidebook’ is intended…

What one Eye Doctor Observed in his T4-only Treated Patients

21 Feb 2016

Read what this Eye Doctor Observed in His T4-only Treated Patients! – STTM. February 20, 2016…

On the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism – Why TSH-Normalizing T4 Therapy does not Work

18 Feb 2016

On the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism On the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of…

Hypothyroidism is associated with increased risk for Diabetes

18 Feb 2016

(HealthDay News) — Hypothyroidism is associated with increased risk for diabetes; however, subclinical hypothyroidism appears…

Breast Cancer – Study shows hyperthyroidism has increased breast cancer risk.

18 Feb 2016

(HealthDay News) — Women with hyperthyroidism have increased breast cancer risk, while hypothyroidism is associated…

Rethinking the TSH Test and why the TSH test needs to be abandoned!

18 Feb 2016

Rethinking the TSH Test: An Interview with David Derry, M.D., Ph.D. The History of Thyroid…

One way to stop your personal details being shown on your test results.

12 Feb 2016

Ensuring you do not publish your personal details, or those of your consultant when copying…

Studies/Research: Doubts on the Usefulness of SerumTSH and Free T4 testing – which are being ignored.

03 Feb 2016

‘On the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism’  Current professional guidelines for the diagnosis and…

Diseases of The Thyroid Gland – George R Murray (1900)

31 Jan 2016

Diseases of the Thyroid Gland, Part 1. Myxoedema and Cretinism is an amazing book published…

Serum Thyroid Function Testing Must Not and Cannot be Relied On

31 Jan 2016

Antibody interference in thyroid assays: a potential for clinical misinformation Normand Després and Andrew M….

TPA News

29 Jan 2016

In 2006 BBCs Inside Out series made a documentary about Dr Chandys approach and two patients at the Shinwell surgery in Horden

Sick to death

29 Jan 2016

A project To change the way thyroid disease is diagnosed and managed at the present time

Our Founder (Sheila Turner) tells her own story

29 Jan 2016

Discover WHY she established Thyroid Patient Advocacy

Has Your Get Up and Go Got Up and Gone?

28 Jan 2016

Are you tired of hearing that “nothing else can be done for you?” Are you…

Thyroid Hormone References for Doctors

28 Jan 2016

The reference list contains the major references of the pro and con studies on thyroid…

BTA Amended Policy Statement ‘Diagnosis and Management of Primary Hypothyroidism’

27 Jan 2016

For those readers who have not yet read the British Thyroid Association’s amended statement on the topic of…

Metabolism Summit online February 1-8,2016 – Not to be missed!

27 Jan 2016

The latest Metabolism Summit is online and FREE from February 1-8, 2016. This year, Janie…

London Marathon and TPA April 2016

27 Jan 2016

Kate (TPA Secretary) entered TPA into the Charity Ballot for the 2016 London Marathon.

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