This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

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As We See It – Defying The Reference Ranges

14 Jan 2014

When physicians review a patients blood test results, their only concern is when a particular…

Ooops! Should they have said that

14 Jan 2014

“I told him I was concerned about my weight which I couldn’t lose. He said…

An Important Thyroid Petition, Please Sign This

14 Jan 2014

Please sign this very important petition. This has been compiled by patients for patients. It…

Dr Lowe Q&A – Diet

14 Jan 2014

January 31, 2004 Question: Im a 70-year-old woman. For thirty years, I took thyroxine [T4]…

When Your Family Member Or Friend Has Thyroid Disease

14 Jan 2014

An Open Letter to the Family, Friends and/or Employer of Thyroid Disease – By Mary…

Dr Lowe Q&A – Diabetes

14 Jan 2014

October 15, 2008 Question: I am hypothyroid and my doctor is treating me with Nature-Throid….

How To Take Thyroid Hormone Replacement

14 Jan 2014

Vanessa writes: “The NHS Choices Website lists levothyroxine as one of a few medications which…

Dr Lowe Q&A – DHEA

14 Jan 2014

June 7, 2003 Question: I read your June 6, 2003 answer to another patient who…

Dr Lowe Q & A Central Hypothyroidism

14 Jan 2014

October 28, 2005 Question: I have some of the hypothyroid symptoms you list on your…

Five Things Thyroid Patients Should Never Say To The Doctor

14 Jan 2014

By Mary Shomon Updated May 31, 2012 Thyroid patients know that communicating with doctors can…

Dr Lowe Q & As Have you seen a correlation between hypothyroidism and carpal tunnel syndrome?

14 Jan 2014

Dr. Lowe: In clinical practice, I’ve seen many hypothyroid patients who had carpal tunnel syndrome….

Dr John C Lowe Speaks!

14 Jan 2014

Questions flooded in for the 12/29/10 teleseminar with Dr. John C. Lowe – and the…

Air Hunger to Death : Breathing Problems of Hypothyroid Patients

14 Jan 2014

“Last week I consulted long distance with a young hypothyroid woman who had a distressing…


08 Jan 2014

Students of Medicine entering the field of thyroid disease and wondering how it is that…

Hypothyroidism Mimics Require Consideration

05 Jan 2014

Below is a copy of a covering letter I have sent to Professor Jayne Franklyn…

Vitamins, Minerals and your Thyroid – HAIR LOSS

05 Jan 2014

The Trichological SocietyOrthodox Hair-sciences & Hair-specialisms – Worldwide Head Office: 1 Kings Mews Bloomsbury London…

Creator of TSH and T3 test said body temperature is better

05 Jan 2014

Robert D. Utiger, MD When you go to the doctor and s/he checks to see…


05 Jan 2014

This is vitally important to thyroid patients for 2 big reasons. First of all, the…

TPA UK Website – Privacy Policy

01 Jan 2014

This privacy policy is for this website: and is served by THYROID PATIENT ADVOCACY….

Thyroxine Resistant Hypometabolism (T4 Conversion Block)

24 Dec 2013

You need to copy out two documents to show your medical practitioners, the one below,…

Primary Hypothyroidism Linked to Oxidative Stress

19 Dec 2013

Oxidative stress can: a) play a fundamental role in the development of primary hypothyroidism b)…

A Good Article for Newbies to Thyroid Disease

19 Dec 2013

The link below takes anyone who is wanting to learn about the workings of the…

Study: Low Vitamin D Not a Cause of Disease

09 Dec 2013

December 6, 2013 News Review From Harvard Medical School — Study: Low Vitamin D Not…

TPA’s Medical Advisers

07 Dec 2013

DR. BARRY DURRANT-PEATFIELD (UK) MB BS LRCP MRCS He qualified at Guys Hospital in 1960…

Reverse T3 and Reverse T3 Dominance

06 Dec 2013

The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck near your Adams…

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