This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

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Doctor’s frequently asked questions about Private Practice

23 Nov 2015

Doctors Frequently Asked Questions about Private Practice Can a patient move between NHS and private…

The Genetics of Thyroid Function and Thyroid Disease.

18 Nov 2015

Genetics of Thyroid Function and Disease Genes Related to Response to Thyroid Hormone Replacement Psychological…

Feeling Deficient

15 Nov 2015

Feeling Deficient? There is a long list of symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction. They range…


14 Nov 2015

Fibromyalgia Research Foundation A Nonprofit Organization for Research and EducationApril 28, 2002 Official Statement of…

Vitamin D Deficiency and Adrenal Fatigue

13 Nov 2015

Vitamin D Deficiency and Adrenal Fatigue – Deficiency of Vitamin D is linked to…


05 Nov 2015

FUNDRAISING IDEAS FOR CHARITYFrom Cancer Research UK Abseil – Set the bar high with an…

Myxoedema Coma

01 Nov 2015

Myxoedema Coma PatientPlus articles are written by UK doctors and are based on research evidence,…

Myxoedema/Hypothyroid Symptoms.

01 Nov 2015

The Thyroid Gland The dry puffy skin, rough voice, cold hands and feet, sluggish reflexes…

Big Pharma Hormone Conspiracy Exposed

29 Oct 2015

Dr. Brownsteins Blog Friends and associates…welcome to our blog! Here you will find exclusive articles…

Ray Peat, PhD on Thyroid, Temperature, Pulse, and TSH

26 Oct 2015

Thyroid – Temperature – Pulse and TSHAlso see:W.D. Denckla, A.V. Everitt, Hypophysectomy, & AgingTemperature and…

Dr Peatfield’s Metabolic Clinics plus other Practitioners

21 Oct 2015

METABOLIC, NUTRITIONIST AND ALT. PRACTITIONERS CLINICS 2015 No. 1 – Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield: Crawley  (Surrey)…

Consent to Treatment

21 Oct 2015

Consent for any medical procedure (everything from being examined to surgery and so on) the…

AUTUMN 2015 newsletter

20 Oct 2015

AUTUMN 2015 -TPA NEWSLETTER Hello to our Oldies and Welcome to our Newbies. If you…

The Patients Association

13 Oct 2015

What we doThe Patients Associations motto is Listening to Patients, Speaking up for Change. This…

Candidiasis – Fungal Infection

11 Oct 2015

The most prevalent and obvious form of dysbiosis is called Candidiasis, fungal infection. Candida is…

Dysbiosis (imbalanced gut flora)

11 Oct 2015

Early in the 20th century, Dr Elie Metchnikoff popularised the theory that disease begins in…

Cortisol and Your Adrenals

11 Oct 2015

Your mood, energy, thyroid function, immunity, sleep all depend on optimal functioning adrenal glands and…


07 Oct 2015

ARMOUR THYROID PRICE INCREASE WHATS GOING ON BY Mary Shomon – Updated October 05, 2015….

Synthetic Hormone Nightmare

06 Oct 2015

Waking Up from the Synthetic Hormone Nightmare by Jeffrey Dach MD Shirley is 52, and…

TPA Survey Finds Thousands of Patient Counterexamples to L-T4 Monotherapy

29 Sep 2015

Many of our members may remember that a few years ago TPA initiated the creation of a Register of Counterexamples to L-T4 monotherapy.


24 Sep 2015

Case History A man aged 52 was given a therapeutic dose of ’31I in December,…

Reverse T3 and Reverse T3 Dominance

24 Sep 2015

REVERSE T3 The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck near…

TSH Reference Range Wars

24 Sep 2015

The TSH Reference Range Wars I was recently approached by a person who asked me…

The “Flip Flop” on Estrogen and Heart Disease

24 Sep 2015

The “Flip Flop” on Estrogen and Heart Disease Before 2003, forty observational studies had convinced…

Where to get Vitamin D tested in the UK

24 Sep 2015

The Dept of Biochemistry in Birmingham offer VitD tests for 20.00. If you contact them…

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