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Paleontology Diet – By Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

  1. Dr Peatfield has studied this diet in detail. He gave the following speech at one of our TPA Annual Conferences. You will learn a lot by reading this information.
    ____________________________”It is an extraordinary thing that the belief most people have in the wisdom an judgement of our doctors remains, on the whole, untouched, in spite of repeate and glaring evidence of lack of both: shown time and time and time again. A senior doctor remarked, quite recently, that doctors should be regarded a truthful and reliable as used car salesman. Doctors get wacky ideas abou all kinds of things, and eventually can’t be dislodged from them doctors simply hate being wrong – or powerful governing bodies, enjoyin a monopoly of belief, will not accept any doctor believing or doing anything which goes against the current fashion. And Gordon and me have suffered wit this.

    History is littered with examples. What trouble did Harvey get into (he was in the time of 1st) when he pointed out that the hear pumps blood around the body? Or Ignuz Semmelweis, who suggested obstetricians, washed their hands on leaving the dissection room to attend to mothers in childbirth. (He was vilified so terribly, he went mad.)

    For how long were doctors convinced that bleeding one’s already sick of dying patient would make them better? When the patients died, it was easy to convince the families that the death had been inevitable; and that the doctor’s fumbling incompetence actually represented the highest standard of care. Examples are so many; it becomes boring to repeat them.

    Would you be surprised that this scenario is repeated time and again, endlessly today; and that we allow ourselves to become needlessly ill by treatment, however convincing the doctor seems to be, which is obviously wrong and stupid. And that doctors and pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers continue to get away with it, making us ill, and continue to profit.

    We know about The Great Thyroid Scandal, don’t we, hopefully? The apparent wilful determination of doctors and endocrinologists (relying on tests which may be wrong for all sorts of reasons), to diagnose hypothyroidism, preferring ‘other illness’ or depression; and their widespread incompetence in its treatment. As you know I have been drawing the attention of sufferers for years now and so has my friend Gordon…

    Bad as the scandal of misdiagnosis and mistreatment of hypothyroidism is, there are others. Western society, ladies and gentlemen, is now more ill than it ever was. A hundred years ago you had a 1 in 30 risk of dying of cancer; do you know it is now 1 in 3. Up until the 1920s heart attacks were almost unknown; now it is a terrible scourge. Some 800,000 people languish without hope or dignity from the terrible evil of Alzheimer’s disease – it’s a disease of the 20th century, and our authorities tell us it will worsen. Autoimmune diseases, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, all continue to increase. We get remorselessly more fat, more diabetic, more ill as a result.


    What’s going on? Why are we getting less and less healthy, in spite of amazing sums of money thrown into our health services? In spite of endless health checks, health advice – we get less and less well.

    Is it something we cannot help as our populations increase with age? Are we all increasingly doomed by forces over which we have no control?

    Wait for it! You may not be surprised to know that much of western civilisation is at the receiving end of a monstrous conspiracy, no less terrible because it has its motivation and driving force rooted in ignorance, deliberate distortion and political correctness. Overall broods the malign influence of a vast drug industry, whose purpose is to treat, but never prevent or cure; an equally vast food industry, whose purpose is to feed us foods with the goodness distorted and leached out of them. All to provide unending, self-replication of almost inconceivably enormous profits. But no one dare say anything; we are now so steeped in propaganda that even to question the correctness of what we are told can bring the heavens down upon us: with vilification of careers and loss of jobs.

    All right, let’s start with drugs.

    What group of drugs are daily in the public eye and will be advised by your doctor within a few minutes of most consultations? Well I can think of some. At the top of the list are statins; not far below are antidepressants and psychotropic drugs; then we have pills for blood pressure; and then vaccines and inoculations. There are others; dozens of remedies for arthritis; for

    indigestion; and of course for infection. And in the wings, brooding with endless menace, the cancer industry, now worth billions of pounds, and (this beggars belief) no nearer a resolution than 60 years ago.

    Statins are predicated on the belief, held frequently by nutritionists who should know letter, and doctors who know only what they are told, that cholesterol is wicked and evil and the root of all ills – notably, of course, heart attacks, strokes and blood pressure.

    There are studies, a few, funded by drug manufacturers, suggesting that we should have a lower cholesterol than nature has intended for us; but there are hundreds of other studies, carefully ignored, showing that low cholesterol is certainly quite undesirable, and the lower it is, the more likely are other illnesses, and causes of death, to beset us. This is the great cholesterol scandal; to question current belief is unthinkable. In vain does one point out that our need for cholesterol is so great, that we make 80% of it ourselves? Our brains and nervous systems and immune systems demand cholesterol. It gets into arteries and blocks them, we are told. But it is a fellow traveller alongside damage to arteries from other causes – high blood sugar, high insulin levels, environmental toxins (smoking, PCBs, dioxins, and others).

    Once the endothelial lining has been damaged cholesterol may effectively worsen the damage. But it does not cause it. The biggest prime cause of the arterial damage relates to the toxic effect from high glucose and high insulin levels. Which at root, of course, is down to our excessive carbohydrate food intake, combined with other environmental toxins. Reducing cholesterol actually does not help; and low cholesterol levels are associated with an increase in death rates from other causes – cancer, autoimmune disease, progressive neurological diseases. We are told that too many fats in our diet will cause cholesterol. But cholesterol is an alcohol, not a fat; it is transported by molecules made up of fat and protein (lipoproteins), but that is the only connection.

    Medicine today is almost hysterical about reducing our cholesterol; our ‘need’ for statins is drummed in to us from all sides. One government charlatan said (and I remember him saying it about 9 months ago “we ought to have them in our water supply” so deep has the canker spread. But statins have all sorts of side effects, and many people feel quite unwell when taking them. (They originate from a violently poisonous Chinese shrub, after all) – bet you didn’t know that. The advice has to be – don’t take them whatever the compulsion and the brainwashing. We need our cholesterol, and the older we are, the more we need it.

    There is an almost equally hysterical demand that we should reduce our blood pressure – often nowadays, to ridiculous childhood levels. Big problem is that you can never be sure what the blood pressure is – the worse place to have it taken is in a busy doctor’s surgery. Most people I see on blood pressure medication are having too much, which can cause coughing, breathlessness, cold hands and feet and other troubles. Again doctors feel compelled to treat blood pressure, even if it is hardly raised at all. As we shall see, correction to the diet may be all that is necessary. Certainly doesn’t need the vast range of tablets a doctor is going to throw at you.

    We shall look later at how many other conditions may respond to more natural eating; and indigestion, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis are going to be included. One of the great problem of our time is diabetes; we all know people with diabetes, either insulin dependent (Type I) or the non-insulin dependent Type II. Here’s something to ponder – wild animals don’t get diabetes (domestic ones do – but look how we feed our pets).

    Diabetes is a disease of civilisation; it’s the way we eat. It is possible to prevent, and indeed cure diabetes without medication. But a vast industry has grown to provide medication for diabetics – worth billions of pounds. If you ran a multimillion pharmaceutical company making medication for diabetes, would you prefer to treat the illness – knowing that no-one can ever get better from the treatment; or prevent it?

    Similar is the cancer industry. As we said, cancer is on the increase, and all the money spent on research has not helped in the slightest to understand why we get it or prevent it. But the constant testing, the sophisticated diagnostic devices; these are ever present and get more and more clever. But we die in torment just the same. The hugely expensive chemotherapy and deep X-ray radiation therapy do not even lengthen our survival time since they undermine what defences we have left. Have you any conception how many people, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and doctors will lose out if suddenly a grand cure is found? Since this won’t happen we must do the better thing – and prevent it.

    One last example: inoculations and vaccines. Another enormous money spinner. Anyone who dares to suggest that there may be undesirable side effects very quickly loses his job at the hands of medical authorities. We are exhorted to have our flu vaccine. Didn’t help this winter, did it; because the flu strain is a new mutation – as it always is – and the vaccine was for last year. Doctors are paid to give it, pharmaceutical companies paid to make it. Many of us (myself included) actually get flu after the shot.

    If perhaps I have cast some doubt into your mind about modern medicine, well – it’s about time. We are all victims of a vast industry, designed to ensure we get ill and then require ‘treatment’ for the rest of our lives. But – we have it in our power not to get ill; not to need these elaborate and expensive treatments. The clue lies in the steady increase in obesity, rampant in the USA, and now seen more and more in the UK. No, it’s not because we are genetically programmed to get fat; it’s self-induced. We are doing it to ourselves! What is worse, we are being told by medical authorities, governments, and the food industry, how to eat ‘healthily’; we are at the receiving end of increasing and remorseless propaganda. And they’ve got it wrong, painfully and fatally wrong. Probably it’s too late to get anyone to admit their fault – but we can stop listening and do something about it ourselves.

    We’re not designed to eat as we do today; we were evolved to eat differently.

    Before some 10,000 years ago, when the rot started with agriculture, we were hunter-gatherers. Our food was mostly meat and fish, with, for a treat, fruits and some vegetables. On feast days, someone would shin up a tree and raid a bees nest for honey. Our insides are designed for this.

    With a small caecum, a large intestine there mostly for water re-absorption, we were poorly able to process vegetables and fruits, and so subsisted on our favourite diet of those times, meat, especially fatty meat, organ meats, fish, eggs when we could get them, insects and grubs. We can digest meat fine in our small intestine; we have bile to deal with fat – but we can deal with only a limited amount of vegetable matter. So: we had our protein, we’ve had our fat; what about carbohydrates? Well, we didn’t get much at all – fruit and veg which we picked or rooted from the soil, and the aforementioned honey.

    We didn’t get fat; our teeth didn’t rot, we kept our eyesight and we didn’t get heart attacks, rarely cancer if at all, and so long as we didn’t fall off a cliff, get eaten, or drowned, we lived out our natural lives, with the minimum of degenerative illness. None of this happened until carbohydrates started to take over our diet; most particularly, during the agrarian revolution. We became farmers and evolved ways of growing wheat and other crops. And so began our love affair with carbohydrates. The amount we eat spirals steadily, urged by a dotty nutritional industry which tells us that this is what we must have if we are to be healthy. Instead of a few percent, the amount recommended, and what we eat may be more like 60% or 70%.

    What do we do with this extra carbohydrate we are not designed for? These sugars and starches turn into glucose – more than we need by far – and the pancreas has to make more insulin to drive away the build up of glucose which rapidly becomes toxic to the health of tissues (ie arteries) by making it enter the cells of the body. The cells don’t need all this – so it gets turned into fat. The extra insulin doesn’t do tissues any good either. Eventually the pancreas overloads, and may start becoming exhausted; and the tissues become less sensitive to insulin. The build up of glucose and insulin in the blood; the increased conversion of glucose makes us fat, and causes syndrome X (you may have heard of) or the metabolic syndrome – which is one step below Type II diabetes.

    It’s the carbohydrate that does the damage; it’s what we eat most of; it’s what we are told to eat. And it’s killing us. It’s the one great big bee in the bonnet doctors and far too many nutritionists have. We need, we must have – more carbohydrates. If only we ate more, and exercised, had our ‘5 portions’ we would get well.

    We wouldn’t, and we don’t. Some p****** in government said it, there is no proof of it anyway, there is no papers on it.

    Our great enemies are cereals of all kinds, bread, sugar, cakes, biscuits, manufactured foods of all kinds, together with the leavening of vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, trans fats, so called fat free foods (which make up for fat by adding carbohydrate), pop drinks, too much fruit (fruit sugar, fructose, is especially hard on our insulin production) and most prepared foods.

    To survive, to not get ill, and this applies to all who are reading this, we simply have to get back to basics. We are designed for meat and fats; our insides cannot cope with too much vegetable and fruit. People live on vegetables and fruit but they are struggling even if they don’t know it – we don’t have herbivore intestines. Don’t go for lean meat – we need the fat. Don’t go for skimmed milk – the goodness has been lost. Full cream, jersey milk – unhomogenised – or cream should be preferred. Eggs are a great food – going to work on an egg was a great idea – now frowned upon by politically correct doctors and nutritionists, because of cholesterol in the yolk. Organ meats, eg liver, are especially desirable”.

    What then? Organic.

    Go for a ratio of 10-15% carbohydrates; protein up to a quarter; fats, the remainder 60-70%.

    And not to forget daily exercise, to utilise all that has been consumed.


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    Good young Dr Peatfield! Putting the world to rights! I fully agree with him about the callous intentions of the drug companies and everything else which he talked about.

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