This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Papers for medical practitioners

The Linguistic Etiologies of Thyroxine-Resistant Hypothyroidism
by Eric K. Pritchard

The thyroxine resistant victims of hypothyroidism are not suffering because there is no treatment availablethe Food and Drug Administration approved and indicated them long ago. These victims are suffering because the proper treatments are not consideredlinguistic etiologies keep the science of exo-endocrine (outside of the endocrine system) hypothyroidism beyond the reach of the practicing physician with the confusion of overinclusion (identical treatment of two classes that burdens one excessively). The linguistic etiologies must be eliminated.

Hypothyroidism Mimics Require Consideration by Eric Pritchard, M.Sc. with TPA-UK letter to BTA

She wakes tired. Struggles to get up. Dresses slowly. Now exhausted, she falls back into bed. Once again she will have an after-nap breakfast. She wakes for her doctors appointment. Once again, he claims her tests were normal. Once again she claims she is sick. Once again, he writes the same old prescription, saying that she is really suffering from functional somatoform disorders. Once again, she is reduced to tears. Why again? Must I suffer more? Why cant you help me? Is the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism trivial? Or, is it more complex, even mysterious?

Evidence-based Medicine Leads to Mediation of Symptoms of Mimics of Hypothyroidism by Eric K. Pritchard, M.Sc.

Evidence Based Medicine is a modern, scientific alternative to the eminence based medicine. Currently, eminence based medicine is ignoring the mimics of hypothyroidism. Consequently, those patients are seemingly doomed to a life of chronic suffering with the symptoms of hypothyroidism, constant exhaustion, hypo-metabolism, hyper-cholesterolemia, deformity by myxedema, droopy eye lids, weight gain, etc. Furthermore, these patients are doomed to a life shorted by their greater susceptibility to lifes great killers, diabetes and heart disease.

TPA-UK Hypothyroid Patient results published

In this survey of 1500 hypothyroid patients, which was undertaken in 2005-6, the dissatisfaction of many patients is highlighted. Of all respondents, 93.8% (n=1407) had not been told of medicines other than L-thyroxine by their medical practitioner. 38.8% (n=768) felt they had not been dealt with very well or not very well at all by their doctor whilst seeking a diagnosis of their symptoms; 233 (15.5%) had given up paid employment; 300 (20%) had taken time off work as a result of thyroid illness; 500 (33.3%) felt their close relationships had been affected by thyroid illness and 632 (42.1%) had stopped or altered their exercise routines as a result of their symptoms. When asked of those patients undergoing L-thyroxine therapy, Do you feel that you have fully regained your optimal state of health?, 1176 (78.4%) Answered No.


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