This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Press Release

(Worldwide, September 2012)

Patients, organizations, physicians, bloggers and websites unite to advocate for change.

In May, a new international patient advocacy group, ThyroidChange, launched a petition campaign calling for standardized testing and care guidelines for all practicing endocrinologists, and now celebrates over 6,000 signatures. According to ThyroidChange, many physicians have wildly varying standards of care, leaving millions suffering with undiagnosed or mistreated thyroid disease.

Michelle Bickford and Denise Rodriguez, co-founders of ThyroidChange, contend that the failure of physicians to stay current with new testing and standards of care is keeping people unnecessarily sick.Millions of people have thyroid disease, yet many go undiagnosed, according to the ThyroidChange team. Physicians who rely on outmoded methods of diagnosis and treatment too often leave patientssuffering from debilitating symptoms such as chronic pain, relentless fatigue, heart disease, depression, and anxiety, states ThyroidChange. Michelle and Denise point out that many doctors are unaware of new blood tests and better treatment options, such as natural desiccated and synthetic combination hormone replacement methods, that can greatly improve quality of life for affected individuals. ThyroidChange goes on to say,by relying on outdated lab tests and limited lab ranges, doctorswho choose not to run a full, inexpensive thyroid paneloften leave thyroid disease undiagnosed, and patients continue to suffer with debilitating symptoms or receive a misdiagnosis.

ThyroidChange seeks to unite patient advocacy groups in an effort to gain better care for thyroid disease patients and to raise awareness of this widespread problem. ThyroidChange also aims to work with medical oversight agencies in order to create a unified standard of care for thyroid patients to increase patient access to effective, modern treatment.

The economical cost to society of under-treated thyroid disease is enormous; the human toll is even worse. The Colorado Study,[1] now seventeen years old, outlines the enormity of the problem. Now, many years later, the people of ThyroidChange are demanding that something be done to end the needless suffering of millions of people around the world.

Please help this effort by visiting ThyroidChange to sign the petition and unite for better care.

[1] To see the entire paper, click HERE.


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