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Sheila Turner 1937 - 2019

Sheila Turner  1937 – 2019


Many thousands of people have reason to be grateful to Sheila Turner whether they knew her or not. This remarkable woman spent the latter part of her life campaigning for the better diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders.

Sheila was born on the 28th September 1937 in Bingley, Yorkshire. She was separated from her siblings when she was adopted at the age of two following the death of their mother from tuberculosis. She met Howard whilst she was training to be a Nurse and Howard was a Junior Health administrator. They married November 2nd 1957. They had two children, with Susan their daughter, being delivered by Howard in a remote cottage on Sheila’s birthday. Sadly Howard passed away in July 2017, 4 months short of their 60th wedding anniversary.

In 1999 she had the misfortune to be diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The standard treatment, Levothyroxine did not remove her symptoms and in fact seemed to make her worse. The NHS offered no explanations or help. After several years of worsening health during which time she ended up in a wheelchair, she was forced to visit a private hormone specialist who found that her body could not convert Levothyroxine into the active hormone T3 and prescribed the older treatment Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) which contains all the hormones that a thyroid produces and that a body needs. NDT enabled Sheila to regain her health, she described taking NDT as ‘like the sun coming out’.

It was her search for a NHS prescription for NDT that led her to begin campaigning and to the beginning of Thyroid Patient Advocacy (TPAUK). Despite being in her late sixties Sheila with little experience of computers or the internet decided to try and prevent people from suffering in the way that she had. She developed an online forum and a website to provide sufferers with a place to swap experiences and access information and began an ongoing campaign to challenge medical beliefs and orthodoxy. TPAUK became a charity in 2010.

Such was her dedication that she was always available on the end of a phone to help people personally. Her determination to make sure that sufferers were helped and treatment was changed meant that other parts of her life were put on hold; she was an accomplished painter, as was her supportive husband Howard, whom she had married when she was just 20. Their much-loved cottage in Ickornshaw, Yorkshire was used for meetings and clinics as well as an office for her campaigning.

Her legacy will be the many people who have regained their health with her help and the lives she undoubtedly saved and greatly improved through the information she gathered and provided.

Sheila was a warm, feisty, humorous person and an inspiring leader of the charity she founded. The campaign for the better treatment of hypothyroidism has lost an untiring, well informed and dedicated advocate, although she herself was modest about her achievement. In her own words she was just a seeker after truth.

Sheila Turner 28th September 1937 – 3rd of June 2019


Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield 1936 – 2023

I first met Dr. Peatfield a few weeks before he retired from his NHS practice. I had gone with a friend who suspected she might have hypothyroidism. He saw her, gave some advice, and asked that she make an appointment for a few weeks. When she went to make an appointment Dr. Peatfield was not seeing any more patients, and she was referred to Dr. Skinner.

I was having a lot of hypo problems myself and with searching round the web I found TPA, which was then just a little Yahoo group. The group started to expand and a few of us became moderators and called the working party, of which Dr. Peatfield was part of. I met Dr. Peatfield again at one of the working party meetings in Yorkshire.

However Dr. Peatfield was not one to retire and forget so many people who were suffering from hypothyroidism with nobody who could or would actually help them. He therefore had places in several parts of the country where he could still see, and help patients. One of them was at Sheila’s house. Even though he became unwell himself, he still carried on seeing patients. He would not let them down.

I only saw him once a year when we used to hold our working party meetings and as TPA membership grew, ended up having a conference each year, at the same time. He would always give an interesting talk, with friendly rivalry with Dr. Skinner.

My fondest memory of him was when we were sitting outside Sheila’s house, getting a bit of sun, and just chatting about things people chat about. I did find out that he loved cars.

He was kind, dedicated, brave, and caring and he will be missed by so many people.

Lilian’s reflections on Dr Peatfield.


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An amazing lady who I was lucky enough to meet at her cottage several times. She saved my life and any words I use simply don’t do this warrior for better thyroid healthcare justice. Love you Sheila, will never forget you and your kindness!


A truly remarkable lady to whom we owe so much, words cannot express the gratitude we owe her. She always made one so welcome at her cottage and gave so much of her time. May she now rest in peace.

Ann Forsyth,

It was Sheila saying that people had to find out what it was that was keeping them hypothyroid so they could take the right steps to get them better that kept me going through the dark times. And the fact that this is such a warm, friendly informative little site that punches way above its weight, a true reflection of Sheila’s personality. Thank you Sheila.


Sheila’s passion for helping people regain their thyroid health will not be forgotten. So many of us have improved and/or regained our health due to Sheila’s research, education, campaigning, hard work and generosity, giving her time and efforts to those in need. TPA continues as her legacy.

Thank you Sheila – I miss our telephone discussions.

twizzle, Post author

I’m very sorry to hear this. I owe Sheila my health and sanity after finding this forum. Sheila personally answered many of my questions at the time and of course provided so many resources and opportunities. She was a wonderful ambassador for us. My thoughts are with her family and friends. Much love.


I have on a number of occasions, received sound advice online from this amazing lady. I am eternally grateful to her for that and offer my condolences to her family and friends.


Sheila, thank you for your help if it was not for you I dread to think where I would be. You helping me helped others as I have directed others to you and they were helped to get well also.
May you rest in peace
Carol x


I was lucky enough to speak to Sheila many times over the telephone and by email. I also met her personally on at least one occasion.
She was a very remarkable woman who drove herself very hard in the fight for the right treatment for thyroid patients. Sheila took individual cases to heart and fought for these people as if they were in her own family. She had a huge heart and a great sense of humour.
I will always remember her extremely fondly. We were all very fortunate to have Sheila in our lives.
Paul Robinson


RIP Shelia, she helped so many to regain their lives back. Her determination was inspiring.

I will miss her but her legacy lives on.


Aah what terribly sad news.
Sheila was an amazing woman who has helped many, many people to recover their health and to fight for what is their right.
Without Sheila I would not have found T3 nor Dr Peatfield or Dr Skinner.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for us.
God Bless You xx


So very sorry to hear this. Sheila was such a support to me and my daughter during the awful proceedings of a few years ago. She galvanised many people into action on my behalf and was going to give evidence on my behalf in my Criminal Trial – she was hoping to be able to help even more people as a result. A truly lovely lady. Mary


Thats very sad 😔.. I will always be eternally grateful for her dedication and enabling patients to have a voice with their choice of treatments.. RIP Sheila x


Very sad news – I visited her at her cottage a few times – what a woman! What a legacy! She fought for all of us.

Ann Hazell,

She will be sadly missed,Her support and kindness and dedication to try and get better treatment for us all was second to none.God bless you Sheila for all that you gave to us.


My greatest condolences to a truly amazing, inspirational, selfless woman. 10 years ago you gave me back a life for which I will be eternally grateful. RIP Sheila and thank you from not just me but my family and friends x


Rest in Peace beautiful lady.


Indescribably kind and supportive. Hard to believe she was able to find the strength. Thyroid patients are better for knowing her.


So sad to hear. A wonderful lady who has done so much for thyroid sufferers. RIP Sheila.


I never had the fortune to speak to you but I am so grateful for all of your dedication and hard work. May you be at peace.


Sheila was indeed an inspiration to all. Her commitment and steadfastness is what brought this beacon of light in the midst of thyroid darkness. Yes we still struggle, but out struggles is less in so many ways as now people are genuinely much more informed, and even more, people who receive a diagnosis now have somewhere wonderful to come where they can expect support and assistance. God Bless you Sheila………a real loving, warm human being and a staunch advocate for thyroid sufferers.


What a lovely lady, she really helped us when the NHS was providing no answers. Our visit to her and consultation with Dr Peatfield was the beginning of my wifes recovery.

Gareth Wilson,

Sheila was indeed an inspiration to all. Her commitment and steadfastness is what brought this beacon of light in the midst of thyroid darkness. Yes we still struggle, but out struggle is less in so many ways as now people are genuinely much more informed, and even more, people who receive a diagnosis now have somewhere wonderful to come where they can expect support and assistance. God Bless you Sheila………a real loving, warm human being and a staunch advocate for thyroid sufferers.


So very sorry to hear this sad news about Sheila. She has been an inspiration to so many people. She is truly with the angels now.xx


I didn’t get to meet Sheila in person but spoke to her over the phone a number of times. Nothing was ever too much trouble, thank you for all your help dear lady.
Such sad news. Rest In Peace Sheila. X


Sheila worked selflessly and tirelessly to help others to get their lives back. She had many a set back but did not let this deter her. Sheila was also an extremely talented artist.


Thanks to this excellent website that Sheila started, and to the enormous amount of information on it, and the Forum whose members have been so very helpful, I was able to gain access to NDT, learned about the connection between hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency, and was able to improve my health. I am so sad to read of Sheila’s death and hope it was peaceful. She has left a very fine legacy behind her for others who need these resources so badly. May she rest in peace.

Gabriella Klein,

A really sad loss…but the amazing, knowledge, comfort, healing and help she gave to many will stay in our hearts and minds always.


It was definitely my lucky day when I googled thyroid treatment the day I was diagnosed and found TPA. Sheila immediately got back to me with an appointment to see Dr P at her lovely home that week! I will never forget the warmth and huge knowledge I received from them both.. Since then i have been able to get my daughter returned to health as well. What a wonderful legacy. Rest in peace Sheila. Xxx


Such sad news indeed. If I hadn’t come across this lady my friend’s health would not have recovered.
We are indebted to her. Many will miss her.


I was privileged to have met with Sheila more than once whilst consulting Dr Peatfield at her cottage and agree wholeheartedly with all these wonderful comments. She helped so many people and I’m so grateful for her dedication to the cause. She has indeed left a legacy. Feeling sad for her family 😢


Sheila leaves us a great legacy. She listened to us when nobody else would and changed the way thyroid patients are treated. Thanks to her I got my life back. We owe her so much. God bless Sheila. Rest in peace. X


Just so sad to read about Shelia today, god bless you Sheila and thank you!


An absolutely remarkable and courageous lady who has saved and inspired so many lives…


When you are abandoned by mainstream medicine, you need all the help that you can get, and Sheila provided so many with so much of it. I count her as one of the few who helped me discover NDT, and for that I will be forever grateful. ‘Rest in Peace’ is an over-used term but in this case the ‘rest’ is well and truly deserved.


So sad to hear the news about Sheila such an amazing lady, seeker of the truth, an angel and her legacy lives on… God bless her soul and rest in peace xxx


Will miss Sheila and Howard, our meetings in Manchester and e-mail conversations. I’m sure she could have trottled me sometimes but we were always friends. I particularly remember a long time ago when she promised to call me back and apologised for the late reply. Sheila had been on the telephone to a lady who had seen an awful endocrinologist in Croydon and was in tears for 90 minutes throughout call. Sheila dedicated an immense amount of time to fellow patients.


Sheila was the reason I am still here, she was so kind and knowledgeable when there was nobody else able to help. She helped me to source ndt and taught me how to dose it, and this turned my life around. I will always be eternally grateful to her dedication and kindness to myself and to thousands of other hypothyroid patients. Sheila was always ther too support us all and worked so hard campaigning for our futures. I will miss her. Rest in Peace Sheila.


🌹 A remarkable lady indeed 🌹 A stalwart, helping so many people, in her straightforward, tireless way. Great comrade of Gordon Skinner and Barry Peatfield. Challenger of those standing in the way of thyroid knowledge. We were both, simultaneously, once banned from a forum… because “Sheila was Sheila”… got back! Love to all family.
RIP Wonderful Lady. 🌹

Linda Colback,

So sorry to hear of the passing if Sheila. I met her at several conferences with Dr Skinner. She spoke from the heart and provided information and support for so many people.


Sheila, a true Leader!

Who without pay or glory gave so much of herself and thank you to her husband, Howard who supported her. I did write/comment to Sheila, many years ago, that she has left her mark on life.

First contact was on the Internet after reading a few postings – before TPA-UK was formed, and it was a joy in Australia to feel one was not the only “nutter” on the planet who did not believe the medical mantras being fed to patients.

Being unexpectedly in the UK during April 2013, it was my pleasure to meet Sheila & Howard at the Dr RBG Skinner Manchester GMC Hearing, when we “mature -aged, ill, rebels” were flanked by security guards?? Sheila said then that she would keep going and she did! A shining example to us all.

I trust “wise after the event” that much of what Sheila achieved in this area of health, shall be recognised by the “powers that be” – its long overdue!



Sad news. What an incredible groundbreaking woman she was. She helped so many people, including me. RIP lovely lady xx


So very sad to hear of Sheila’s passing.
A wonderful lady.
Always ready to talk to me


I had the great good fortune to benefit from Sheila’s wisdom through TPAUK, without which I dread to think what state I would be in now. I am part of her legacy and am forever grateful to her.


Sheila was an inspiration. Her tireless work on behalf of hypothyroid people was awesome.
I first found Shiela and the tpa shortly after she had set it up. It was my touchstone. The tpa helped me to be positive and hopeful even when I was at my lowest point. Her advice, along with the advice of other members, was a lifeline – I wasn’t alone.
When I was having so much trouble with complaining about a useless endo, Shiela gave me courage to keep on with my complaint. She gave me endless support, information and references. I will be forever in her debt.
Shiela, you touched the hearts and lives of so many people. Thank you.
Condolences to the family.
Rest in peace Sheila.

Denise B,

A very fine, honourable human being. How this lady has received or is being promoted for an OBE, MBE. Certainly well deserving of such an award. I would sign and support such a petition to the Honours board.


A ever ending battle to change the way in which thyroid care is diagnosed and treated was Shelia’s aim. She fought relentlessly as we all do. God Bless you for your courage and kindness and I know you are now in a beautiful place with the angels. We will carry on the work you so courageously fought.
God Bless x

Linda Thipthorp,

So sorry to read this. She was amazing! I know my health would not be as good as it is today if it was not for Sheila. I was at a very very low point, mentally and physically but Sheila was the Angel that God sent to help me. I owe her so much. Rest in peace my lovely lady.


Such very sad news. A wonderful lady and an inspiration to us all. My sincerest condolences to all who knew her. May she rest in Peace.


Awful news, tears running down my face – so awful to know that Sheila has gone. God bless her and all those she loved forever.
(Thank you for letting me know).


A sad loss to many of us who have been helped by Sheila. She has worked tirelessly over many years to inform and help thyroid sufferers and will be sadly missed by everybody.
RIP Sheila x


Thank you so very much.
Condolences to all family and friends.
Another angel is born x

Meno newbie,

So sorry to hear this sad news. It is thanks to Shiela that I have been well for over 10 years now. She was such a strong advocate and a much needed voice for thyroid patients. She has helped many people on how to approach doctors and gain the treatment needed to regain a life worth living.
Condolences to all the family


So sorry to hear this sad news. If it wasn’t for Sheila and TPAUK I would not have found help and support during my illness. I was welcomed into her home for an appointment, she was lovely. She may be gone but I don’t think she will be forgotten.


Thank you, Shiela. The forum is a beacon of light for thyroid sufferers for whom the easy, conventional little white pill doesn’t work. You have saved lives and families and your efforts have given me my life back. May you find a lovely place in heaven.


RIP Sheila, an inspiration to so many of us.
You will be missed x


A true pioneer. So glad to have found her online and through her the realisation that our thyroid treatment could be so much better. Bless you Sheila


So many people have already benefited from Sheila’s hard work, kindness and selflessness, and I know many more in the future will also be grateful for her legacy. What an incredible lady. Such sad news.

Katarina Robinson,

Such sad news. Thanks to Sheila and TPA I regained my sanity and health.. My heartfelt sympathies to her family.


Wonderful lady who did something positive and life changing for many people. May she rest in perfect peace 💖


Rest in peace, Sheila. You have helped more people than you might ever have imagined when you started dedicating your life to helping those who were lost or abandoned by their doctors. Thank you for all your kindness. You will never be forgotten.
with love,


May this remarkable woman find her balance in the spiritual/higher worlds. We are grateful for her work with those suffering from an underactive thyroid. May God keep her spirit safe

Danny K,

Sheila was such a wonderful lady who really did make a difference in this world as well as saving the lives of others like my self who had been diagnosed for many years before finding Sheila..We are so fortunate to have met Sheila either personally or through our amazing group.She will always be remembered with thankfulness.
RIP lovely lady.


Super lady who’s kindness and support surpassed the distance that separated us. I am truly saddened to hear of your passing. I hope you are reunited with Howard. Thank you for everything you did for me.

Rest in peace you wonderful lady who did so much for us all. Sadly missed. What an icon. Never be another like you.
Mary xx

Mary Lawa,

Long may Sheila’s work continue. She never tired of helping others. I would love her work to be recognised. Her family should be very proud.


Very sad to hear this news but boy did Sheila make her mark. What a wonderful lady she was. I was lucky enough to be one of the patients who visited her home a few years ago and I was made very welcome. She helped me get on an even keel with my thyroid and I will be forever grateful for her work in the field.


RIP Sheila, you have left a remarkable legacy with this forum at its heart <3 As for so many others, your work saved my health and sanity, and your tireless research and campaigning have changed the lives of countless numbers of thyroid issue sufferers. X


How much we all owe to this amazing lady. How many lives has she saved, improved, made well and enjoyable instead of a painful existence. My heartfelt gratitude to her and sincere condolences to her family and friends.


I got to know Sheila years ago through our mutual research for thyroid health. She went on to form TPA and became a formidable advocate for all thyroid patients. She has left an ever-lasting legacy.


I am so sad to hear of Sheila’s death. She was an energetic and truly dedicated advocate for thyroid patients, and I’m grateful to have received her kind help on many occasions, including the times when she threw open her home for the regional clinic Dr Peatfield used to hold there. I feel privileged to have met this remarkable woman.


I’m saddened to hear about Sheila’s passing. Like many hypothyroidism patients, I owe a lot to Sheila and the TPA charity. May Sheila rest in peace.

I eventually obtained liothyronine via GP prescriptions, but this involved a 5 year saga changing specialists and changing GP. Mid way in this story, I was pointed in the right direction via the TPA, which lead to my eventual success.

Having met SheIla in person at 2 TPA medical events in Birmingham and then Yorkshire, myself and other attendees would have immediately seen Sheila’s passion about how many patients require liothyronine medication. I’m in no doubt that Sheila did all she could over the years, to fight for this misunderstood patient group. Like others who commented, I’ve been very grateful.

Sadly since the more recent price increase of liothyronine, the medication is more contraversal and more difficult to obtain on NHS prescription. The campaigning for adequate medical help is far from over.

Fiona H,

Such an amazing lady who I had the pleasure of meeting once at her home, she worked hard for the health of others and for this we are all eternally grateful. RIP Shelia xxxxx

Sarah Patrick,

So very, very sorry to hear this news. The world would be a far better and nicer place if there were more people like Sheila.

Anne M,

Very sad news, her legacy is helping so many like myself access the right diagnosis and treatment and lead normal lives again. I will always be grateful to her for this forum, truly a lifeline for so many.


Sheila was a very special lady who changed so many lives for the better. I came across her website at the age of 76, four years ago. I can honestly say that my life changed beyond recognition following many years of ill health, when I followed her advice. Rest in peace Sheila, I for one will be always grateful.


I will never forget her empathy and sympathetic understanding. She was tireless and without her I would have become lost – many times.
Thank you for everything, Sheila. Safe journey. Maggie


Sad news for the thyroid community. Sincere condolences.


A remarkable human being Thank you for all the hours of hard work and dedication and for all the help you gave so many of us …. an inspiration in how to take charge of ones own health. Rest In Peace dear Sheila x


So very sad and sorry to hear of Sheila’s death truly an inspirational driving force in the campaign for appropriate treatment for Thyroid Patients who do not meet the obligatory norm of UK test results. I met Sheila and Howard many years ago in a quest for help as a result saw Dr Skinner and Dr Peatfield and with the help of all three and Peter Robinsons
books have got something of a normal life at last. Sheila my dear, dear mentor and friend I will miss you greatly, a light has gone out in the world , one that shone brightly and brought hope,comfort and support to those in need, at any time. Goonight and God Bless You and Howard both. Love Sue Ditchburn .


Thank you so much Sheila for all you did. I am only one if the many many that you helped. Your legacy lives on. RIP


God Bless you Shelia. You literally saved me. I will be eternally grateful that you answered my call back in Sept 2015 when attempting to see Dr P in Ickornshaw. I thank and salute you, I truly do.
With my regards,
Mike Rees

Mike Rees,

Rest in Peace Sheila, you were truly one of the best.


So sorry to hear of Sheila’s passing. Her courage, strength, and determination to help people will be greatly missed. Bx


What an amazing lady, and what a wonderful legacy she has left to so many people.
My condolences to Sheila’s family in their sad loss.


Thank you Sheila, for all your tenacious efforts in fighting for the truth and correct treatment for all thyroid sufferers.
You will always be remembered.


I was very touched by th fact that Shiela was willing to spend a long time talking to me when I phoned the TPAUK number. I was expecting to be given some information if I was lucky. I spoke to Sheila several times after that and always found her extremely helpful and compassionate. She always had time for me. I did obtain natural thyroid but my GP was not supportive and in the end I had to go back onto the thyroxin. I seem to be OK on it but think that is because the natural thyroid did a balancing act in some way. This could be absolute nonsense, but I will always be grateful for the TPAUK and that so empathetic listening ear. Sheila will be greatly missed by many I am sure

jeannie bond,

How utterly tragic, she has given so much hope to so many people, a truly remarkable woman. Without the knowledge she passed onto this forum I would still be struggling, I pray that her work and legacy will continue the fight against the inadequate treatment we receive from the nhs and GMC.


Sheila was a lifesaver, she literally saved my life!! I will be forever grateful to her and hope her legacy lives on through the work she did.


A truly remarkable lady, whom a good friend and I, fondly nicknamed ‘The Yorkshire Terrier’, as once she got her teeth into something, she would never let go.
She helped me when my health was at a really low ebb, and was both sympathetic and understanding, giving me hope once again, for which I will always be eternally grateful.
God bless you Sheila, may you rest in peace. xxx


Sincere condolences to Sheila’s family & friends. I am very grateful to Sheila & her team for all the help and advice I received to get my health back. It is said if you can help or lift up one soul on your life journey your work is complete, I am sure you will all agree that Sheila helped hundreds of souls in her lifetime and will no doubt be well placed on the other side of life to continue her good work.


Rest in peace Shirley and thank you so much, you have been huge help to me and an inspiration in your efforts to help all of us who don’t get on with Thyroxine. Thirteen years ago I made a phone call to you and that started me on my journey to get my life back. An incredible lady who has left a truly wonderful legacy in TPAUK. God bless you, Julie

Julie Cobb,

Thank you, Sheila, for helping so many of us to be better. You changed my life.


I was lucky enough to meet Shelia a few times, when attending Dr Skinner’s GMC cases she was a wry lady with a rare twinkle in her eye who brooked no nonsense. By creating this website she helped me immensely at a time when I was beginning to doubt that I would be able to work 5 days a week for much longer and had the energy levels of a slug. The sorry existence I was languishing in was turned back into a real life because of the information on the TPA website that Sheila started.
With grateful thanks for her life and work and with much love to her nearest and dearest, at this time.


The Thyroid world is so much poorer for the loss of Sheila …few have the guts she had to stand up to an Endocrine profession that are stuck in a time warp of TSH nonsense
She will be sorely missed by all those she unstintingly helped and a huge loss to humanity


Thank you for your inimitable strength and concern for others, Sheila. You were an inspiration.


What sad news to hear. I didn’t meet Sheila but heard all about her through the TPA forum which I was directed to by a friend some years ago. I had a great deal of help from the forum and also learned a lot about Sheila’s work and her indomitable spirit, courage and determination to help so many people who are frequently not given the right treatment for their condition. What an amazing achievement to leave such a legacy, but very sad that she has passed away. My condolences to her family and friends

Georgina Howson,

“Sheila’s funeral will be held at the Oakworth Crematorium, Wide Lane, Oakworth, Keighley, BD22 0RJ on Friday 14th June at 1pm, for anyone that is able to attend” – Sheila’s family wrote…

Rest in peace, my very, very best Friend ♥


What a wonderful lady. We meet Sheila on a couple of occasions at her lovely cottage. She was kind and friendly and made us feel very welcome.
I remember her words she said, ‘You will never look back now, you are going to get better’ Thank you Sheila you will be greatly missed.
Our thoughts are with your family. Linda & Tom

Linda Forman,

What a dynamo she was. I was amazed that she was so active, defiant, determined, visionary and enviably tenacious regardless of her age or health. I am lucky indeed to have met and talked to her on this forum. She’s one of a kind. Xxxxxxxxxxx


For someone I never met or spoke too….I owe this remarkable lady everything because without finding this forum, in my time of great need, I’m not sure where I’d be today. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sheila for fighting for better understanding and thyroid treatment for us all. The knowledge and support I’ve received from this forum has been a life saver. May you rest in peace


RIP, Sheila. You literally saved my life. xx


A truly remarkable lady who has helped so many sufferers. Without her, I would still be very ill. Thank you Sheila, for helping me get my life back.


I was so shocked & saddened to read of Sheila’s death. The fact she touched so many lives is a testament to a life well lived. She was a feisty, indomitable Yorkshire woman who worked hard to improve people’s health. The irony that she started in the medical profession that she railed against is not lost on me. It takes courage to challenge a profession & she had that in spades, along with kindness & a fierce sense of justice. She will be missed. Bless her.


I send my condolences to the family. I was giving this radioactive pill 2001 . I was concerned about taking this pill. The doctors were going to do the surgery at first than they said let’s try this new way without cutting on you. I went in me and my soon to be husband. It was like I was in the twilight zone. They had did a pregnancy test came back I was not but the doctor made a joke about that I was then he said I was joking . It turned out I was pregnant I didn’t know what to do I was scared here I am I have took the pill and was pregnant. I went to the OB and he said you are around 7-8 weeks. He sent me to get a sonogram. I got there and the couldn’t hear an heart beat. The baby had stop Developing I went through something I didn’t want to face. I had to take another pill at home to past the baby. After all that and crying upset . I had to have a D NC. This disease has been horrible and I still go through it . I have had so many other problems since dealing with this I can’t seem to say health. It has taken my life I found out about having this disease when I was 31 years old and I am 48 now. If there is anything thing I could tell someone newly Diagnosed is to check into everything make sure that you spouse or family know exactly what road you will be facing. Make you read get info from your doctor. My husband never had a clue what road we were facing . I pray that no one has to suffer like I have had too and still do. It can take a year or more to get your hormones straight out. Blessings

Monica R,

I never knew you Sheila but I thank you for your valuable work helping the forgotten hypothyroid people of the UK

Bronwen Chuter,

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My husband had ALS, first symptom was weakness in his fingers, one day, we had a dream life with early retirement and then, when we went to find out about the weakness, our whole world almost changed. There are so many things that can be said about the suffering and frustration of people with ALS, we look back now and realize in many ways how lucky we were to found Dr. Timothy herbal cure that was able to get rid of my husband ALS disease totally, we had time to enjoy life and above all we all had time to also share this great testimony , many people lose loved ones without closure. I can’t imagine going thru all that you or your family had to live with daily, do not hesitate to contact or email goodhealthherbalfoundation@yahoo. com for ALS cure