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Sodium Bicarbonate For The Treatment Of Candidiasis

You can go to Dr Simonchini’s website to find out why he believes cancer is a fungus and in particular, why he thinks it is candida albicans. You should not worry that because you have candida, you are in line for cancer. Far from it. Always remember that there are 3 grades of candida.

Superficial: thrush, skin and nail infections, etc.

Chronic: Usually what we mean by ‘candida’.

Systemic: Accompanies serious illness, e.g. cancer.

There is also an interview on Dr Mercola’s website.

Rather than going through the long, expensive, and boring treatment for candida that we are aware of right now, I began to wonder whether we could treat our candida quite simply and safety (and thoroughly) with bicarbonate of soda and it seems that we can.

Dr Simonchini says that for candida, sodium bicarbonate can be taken orally. He recommends 1 teaspoon before breakfast, but I think it better to start on half a teaspoon for one month, and then build it up gradually.

1. 1 teaspoon in 1 glass of water before breakfast. Half that dosage for children.

2. Take it for every day for one month: stop for two weeks; and then take it again for another month.

You can buy Bell’s sodium bicarbonate from Boots Chemist or Sainsbury’s Supermarket. Their sodium bicarbonate is as a remedy for indigestion.

If you suffer from Candida and would like to try this very simple, cheap and apparently excellent remedy, then please let me know whether you will be giving this a go and let me know the effects. Always remember though that Fungus thrives on Sugar so stay away from anything sweet. Sorry.

Good luck.


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