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Ten-Point Tune-Up, Step 3: Optimizing Your Adrenal Gland

October 9, 2014 – by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

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Famous for producing adrenalinethe hormone that triggers the fight-or-flight responsethe two adrenal glands sit atop your kidneys. The outer section (theadrenal cortex) produces glucocorticoids (e.g., cortisolas in the medication Cortef), hormones that help regulate your blood sugar, your immune system, your sex organs, and your response to stress. It also makes mineral corticoids,which help maintain blood pressure and volume. The inner section (the adrenal medulla) kicks out adrenaline, which readies you for sudden stress.

Symptoms of “adrenal exhaustion” include:

    • Fatigue during the day.


    • Intense irritability when you’re hungry (“Feed me now or I’ll kill you!” is a thought you might have at those times).


    • Frequent and lengthy infections (like sore throats and colds).


    • Feeling dizzy sometimes when you stand up.


    • Racing mind at bedtime. This can be accompanied by waking up at 2-4 am from a drop in blood sugar.

Ready to optimize your adrenal function?

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