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The Diet Dilemma

The Diet Dilemma – Dr Roderick Lane and Alessandro Ferretti ‘What’s the most healthful diet to eat?’

Of course it depends, but how can we understand the features, benefits and problems associated with each to best help our clients? If you are sometimes baffled by Banting, confused by ketogenics, or puzzled about paleo, please join us and let Dr Roderick Lane and Alessandro Ferretti, lead you through the macronutrient minefield. We’ll start with a trip through the history books to see their roots. Then we will look in detail at the advantages and disadvantages of each and how you can decide on the best dietary course for your clients. Note – this location is easily accessible from the M42 and easy to get to from all parts of the Midlands! Wed 27 Jan 10am – 4.00pm Beckett’s Farm Conference Centre Birmingham and its FREE

To book your place at one of our UK seminars, contact Jacqui at or call 0121 433 8774 Wherever possible our seminars are CPD approved by British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the Naturopathic Nutrition


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