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The Hidden Medical Causes of Mental Disorders

Londinium (one of our registered members) has been looking for research and studies relating to any association between Psychopathy and/or Sociopathy and Hormones after she watched a documentary regarding a female serial killer. In the documentary, the former husband/partner informed the forensic profiler that he recalled that after each of her two pregnancies she became ill, exhibited a change in mood and behaviour and took to her bed. Unfortunately, not once did the profiler mention/ask about hormones. Some responsibility must surely rest with medics for failing to diagnose and treat her condition.

Below are some interesting quotes and references Londinium found, regarding The Hidden Medical Causes of Mental Disorders this article is well referenced and quotes various physicians. Their statements might be helpful if ever we/you are accused of quackery or talking nonsense.…as-psychosis-myxedema-madness-revisited.2335/
And here’s an article which mentions Chinese advice of centuries earlier –

Sociopathy and psychopathy should be included in these resources too, so here’s more useful link –…d-potential-implications-for-the-legal-system


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