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The Impact of Mercury On Thyroid Health

Published September 24 2012

There are numerous heavy metals which can be toxic to ones health. Some of the more common ones include aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and then theres mercury. A lot of people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions have high levels of mercury in their tissues. And this heavy metal can potentially lead to the development of these conditions. In other cases mercury isnt a direct cause of a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid disorder, but still is something that eventually needs to be addressed.

How does one get high levels of mercury?

Two of the most common sources include mercury fillings in the teeth, as well as eating certain types of fish. Typically the larger the size of the fish, the greater the chance of being exposed to mercury. So while eating fish otherwise is very healthy, due to the high mercury content I would recommend eating only a few servings per week of smaller fish, such as wild salmon and sardines. Another way of being exposed to mercury is during gestation, as if the mother has high levels of mercury then this can be passed down to the baby. And so these days its not uncommon to be born with high levels of mercury.

Keep in mind that it is just about impossible to eliminate 100% of the mercury from the body, even when using such methods as chelation therapy. Ive had hundreds of patients tested to determine their heavy metal levels, and I dont think Ive ever had anyone who didnt have any traces of mercury, along with the other heavy metals.

How Can One Test For High Mercury Levels?
I personally use a hair mineral analysis test to determine the levels of the heavy metals, which includes mercury. According to the FDA this is a very accurate method of testing for the heavy metals. Urine testing is another method of testing the heavy metals. One can also do serum testing for the mercury levels, although this doesnt seem to be as reliable.

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