This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.

Thyroid Disorders and Anxiety Recovery

In many of the cases we have helped, probably at least 20%, other, clinical health conditions have either exacerbated or been the catalysts for the high anxiety conditions development. Included in these is, of course, the rage of thyroid disorders.

In some cases, the anxiety disorder has preceded the thyroid condition, in some the anxiety has formed as a result of trauma experienced due to the thyroid condition and in some cases because of hormonal changes within the endocrine system, which also controls the stress hormones responsible for high anxiety.

Regardless of how an anxiety disorder forms, its formation and perpetuation concerns just one area of the brain, the one responsible for the production and maintenance of emotion.

In this case we are dealing with just one emotion, fear. Fear is unique as an emotion because unlike other emotions, it not only provides us with the physical experience of being fear but it also has a very practical purpose to keep us safe.

The emotion of fear keeps us safe by identifying a threat, determining how best to respond (what if thoughts risk assessments) and by activating systemic changes, throughout the body, to make us lighter, stronger, more vigilant and more agile in order to carry out the desired response this is commonly referred to as the flight or fight response. Once the threat has passed, the emotion of fear deactivates automatically as the senses fail to detect further, potential risks and we get on with our lives at our bodys preset anxiety level.

Anxiety disorders, although I dislike the term disorder because it suggests illness and anxiety is never an illness, are caused by an interaction between the creative areas of the brain, which assist in carrying out these anxious risk assessments by providing worst case scenarios also, often called catastrophic thinking, and the emotion of fear itself. This interaction developed to keep us safe, but due to the brains advanced, unplanned and unprecedented, intellectual development in recent history, these catastrophic thought processes have extended past acceptable and useful levels. It is these inappropriate, embellished risk assessments, which give rise to anxiety disorders.

Once a person with a thyroid condition, ME, CFS, in fact any clinical disorder, activates an anxiety condition, it can be very difficult, indeed, for themselves or any adviser to see the wood for the trees.

Which symptoms are anxiety, which are clinical the area is grey at best, but all the sufferer knows is that they really dont feel well and sometimes feel completely incapacitated, vulnerable and desperate.

For 15 years, we have been curing anxiety disorders. Some might say, but they are incurable, and many health practitioners, and mostly mental health practitioners, will advise sufferers that coping strategies and maintenance of their anxiety levels is the most positive prognosis.

This is utterly untrue anxiety conditions can, indeed, be cured; totally cured, regardless of other health issues IF the sufferer receives the correct advice, guidance, support, reassurance and structure.

We have cured sufferers in day, sometimes in hours and the success rate amongst complying clients is 100%, because that is just the way the brain works. Anyone who tells you that anxiety disorders cant be cured are either a) ignorant to the basis of all behavioral psychology b) fee building, either way, it is unacceptable to deny sufferers the truth and the potential to be cured.

The clinical referrals we receive from across the health care profession are testament to the curative success of our programs. GPs. Psychologists, CPNs and other professionals regular refer clients to us and indeed, our programme is recommended by NHS Choices, because they see that our clients recover, where recovery was once, apparently impossible, using CBT, medication and talking therapies.

We undo the changes made by the development of high anxiety conditions and we return our clients to, not only, anxiety freedom, but to being productive, happy, fulfilled and excited people who embrace life and move forward unhampered by risk assessments and symptoms.

Charles Linden
The Linden centres

Call us on 01562 742004 Linden is regarded as the most respected anxiety recovery expert in the world. Published by Hay House publishing, the largest Self Help Publisher in the World and head of Charles Linden Media and Anxiety Recovery Retreats, Charles and his Team of qualified psychotherapeutic anxiety recovery experts specialize in curative treatment programs in Home Learning, Residential, Workshop and App formats.

Charles is a TV presenter and appears on TV regularly with Gok Wan, in his own TV series and on radio, including BBC, Radio Europe a wide range of international stations and Hay House radio. Charles is an author with a number of titles available through online and high street bookstores and writes for many newspapers, magazines and websites. Charles is married to Beth and they live in Worcestershire with their children, from where they manage the businesses and coordinate the Linden Centres, foreign language entities and events.


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