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Thyroid Doctors: Good, Bad, Right and Wrong – key signs from Mary Shormon

Thyroid Disease Expert, Mary Shormon wrote to her readers saying the following:

Lately, many people post to my Facebook Thyroid Support page asking” “I was just daignosed/I’m not feeling well?I have had a thyroid problem for 10 years, so, how do I find an endocrinologist?” They assume as many do, that everyone who has a thyroid problem or who can’t get properly diagnosed or treated needs to see a specialist.

I don’t believe that every thyroid patient needs an endocrinologist, and I explain why in this issue. Speaking of doctors, there are obvious signs that it’s time to get a new thyroid doctor, and I’ve put together a list of 10 key signs for you. I hope you find this “doctor-focused” issue helpful!

Below are links to the articles that Mary Shormon refers to above:

Why Every thyroid Patient doesn’t Need an Endocrinologist

A clear explanation of why many thyroid patients do not need to see an endocrinologist. Information is provided about when you should see an endocrinologist and the importance of choosing and endocrinologist with the correct experience and expertise.

The Shortage of Endocrinologists and Its Impact on Patients

According to a report in this article there are 6,300 hospitals in the United States and some experts estimate that there are only 1000 board certified endocrinologists available to serve about 6000 hospitals.

10 Signs That You Need a New Thyroid Doctor

Many TPA members will recognise, at least, some of the signs listed. Has your doctor dismissed everything on the internet as quackery or do you feel your doctor is influenced by Big Pharma? Read the signs and don’t be surprised if they seem familiar.

Find the Right Thyroid Doctor with these Tips

Some general guidelines to help you find a good doctor to look after your thyroid care. The emphasis is on choosing the right doctor for your needs and for some thyroid patients this won’t be an endocrinologist.

Finding the Best Thyroid Surgeon

If you need thyroid surgery then read these useful suggestions before deciding who does your surgery.

Deciding on Practitioners for Your Thyroid Care

Guidance on the type of medical practitioner to see dependant on the type of thyroid condition you have and for the long term.

How to Get Your Doctor to REALLY Listen

Do you feel that your doctor doesn’t listen? Here are some tips to help you to get your doctor to listen.

10 Things to Know About Thyroid Doctors

Did you know that some thyroid doctors have a negative view of empowered thyroid patients, or that there are times when a second opinion for your thyroid condition is appropriate?




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