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TPA has appeared in The Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine

December 23, 2007 TPA-UK has appeared in Dr Andrew Weil’s weekly column in the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine.

In the article, a 17-year-old girl writes with her concerns of hair loss, fatigue, irregular menstrual periods and acne.

Dr Weil explains that her first port of call should be a visit to her doctor for blood tests, including TSH, T4 and ideally, T3.

Dr Weil then goes on to tell the reader that “numbers are not the whole story in diagnosing thyroid problems and must be seen in the context of a patient’s whole clinical picture.”

Dr Weil also tells the reader that he prefers his patients use pharmaceutical drugs that provide “both hormones produced by the thyroid (T3 and T4) for the most effective treatment.”

The column goes on to mention the ongoing diagnosis and treatment debate here in the UK and advises readers to visit the TPA web site for more information.


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