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TPA News, August 2014

Dear TPA Members

This is an updated and revised edition of our recently distributed TPA Member News (2 August 2014) as some of the information in the previous version was missing. Apologies for that, and hopefully this revised newsletter will reach you all.

Thyroid Article Sunday Telegraph 27 July 2014

In case you are not aware of the excellent thyroid article written by Journalist Anna van Praagh that was published in The Sunday Telegraph on 27 July 2014, I highly recommend that you read it, together with the amazing 219 comments it has already attracted from many very dissatisfied patients.

Read her article in the online edition of The Telegraph, HERE.

Equally, I urge you to read Afshan Ahmads Letter to the Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, sent 5 August 2014.

Register of Counterexamples to T4-Monotherapy

Our Register of Counterexamples to T4-only Therapy closed 25 July 2015, but we have an extension to 7 September 2014. To date, we have collected exactly 2,978 patient counterexamples who had continuing symptoms of levothyroxine-only therapy but whose symptoms were mitigated or went away when starting T3 therapy, either in combination with T4, T3 on its own or natural desiccated thyroid extract, the majority of whom are willing to testify to this.

If you fit this criteria, please will you register your thyroid status HERE.

Raising Funds for essential Thyroid Research

Please will you do everything within your power to help Fiona Skinner to raise funds for the continuance of Thyroid Research by the late Dr Skinners Charity The Vaccine Research Trust. You can find all the details for this in our Treasure Chest section of our website.

Do you have experience in IT and would like to join our website team?

… then please chat with Connie, who is looking for people who would like to join her. We are particularly interested in hearing from folks who have experience in the common web programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, php, Javascript, jQuery) and in the maintenance side of community forums. Please get in touch with Connie direct, giving her details of your level of expertise and how much time you could contribute on a daily or weekly basis.

Logging on to our Forum

We are aware that some of you appear to be having difficulties in logging on to our support forum. It would help us if you will please check that you are able to log on OK and if you are experiencing any problem(s) please give us details of what these are. If you receive any error message(s) let us know what these say too. I believe this is happening only to a few members but we need to investigate the cause.

Local Support Groups

Would you like to talk with others face to face who are suffering in a similar way to you? Would you like to run a local support group for other sufferers in your area? If you would like more details of how you can start such a group, please let me know, giving me your name and full contact details. This is not a difficult task and we can help you to do this. Initially, you would need to find a suitable venue (this could be your own home, a local tea room, local pub or wherever). We have produced an excellent TPA Poster to help you advertise your meeting, and you could ask staff of some organisations if you could put on their notice board. You find our Poster along with a how-to guide for customising it HERE.

Such organisations could be your local library, slimming clubs, doctors waiting rooms, post office windows, hospital waiting rooms, supermarket notice boards etc., giving some very basic details about thyroid disease and the date, time and venue when your meeting would take place. You could also give notice of your proposed meeting by writing a Letter to The Editor of your local paper that is an excellent way of getting free advertising.

Initially, it would be a case of a get together to find out about each other, and then take it from there. If you are already a Leader of a TPA Local Support Group and you have a meeting arranged in the not too distant future, please let Lilian know the dates, times and the address of the venue so she can post the details on our Forum.

Many thanks

Chair Thyroid Patient Advocacy.


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