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TPA Survey Finds Thousands of Patient Counterexamples to L-T4 Monotherapy

Many of our members may remember that a few years ago TPA initiated the creation of a Register of Counterexamples to L-T4 monotherapy.

Many of our long-standing members may remember that a few years ago TPA initiated the creation of a Register of Counterexamples to Levothyroxine (L-T4) monotherapy. TPA found 2080 patient counterexamples, the majority of whom were willing to testify that they remained ill on L-T4 monotherapy, yet found their symptoms disappeared (or were mitigated) only when they started a treatment using the active thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T3). TPA is delighted that our Register of Counterexamples to L-T4 monotherapy has enabled Eric K Pritchard to write the paper ‘Survey Finds Thousands of Patient Counterexamples to L-T4 Monotherapy’. Every medical practitioner, Community Commissioning Groups (CCG), RCP, BTA. GMC et al., should read this paper so they get a thorough understanding of why a number of their patients continue to complain of symptoms when their thyroid function test results are returned as “normal” or they are being prescribed L-T4 monotherapy. They should be reminded that the RCP, BTA et al. guidance on the Diagnosis and Management of PRIMARY hypothyroidism (defined as a deficiency in secretion of hormone by the thyroid GLAND), is for PRIMARY hypothyroidism ONLY – and should not be used as guidance for any other cause of symptoms of hypothyroidism. As many as 15% (300,000) of the UK thyroid population are NOT suffering with PRIMARY hypothyroidism, they are suffering with a NON-THYROIDAL DISORDER which should not be treated with the pro-hormone L-thyroxine.

Abstract Background: Although treated per the current standard of care, millions are suffering from the symptoms of hypothyroidism in spite of contrary medical science.

Objectives: This study advocates a proper care of patients suffering with the continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism (for months, years, even decades) by demonstrating the excessive breadth and unscientific support of the blanket proscriptions in enforced, effectively mandatory, hypothyroidism practice guidelines and policy statements against triiodothyronine-containing therapies.

Design: The documentation of patient counterexamples and personal experiences has inspired the finding of many more patient counterexamples. Patient counterexamples refer to people who have successfully treated their continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism with triiodothyronine-containing therapies. The existence of patient counterexamples is caused by medical practice ignoring medical evidence.

Setting: This study was done via an internet-based survey, which was advertised on thyroid-related forums. The participants had complete knowledge of their participation when they opted to participate.

Main Outcome Measures: The survey consisted of four questions about the participants thyroid-related counterexample experiences. Since counterexamples to a scientific concept only need to exist, no statistical design beyond totaling the responses was necessary.

Results: This study survey found 2,080 unique patient counterexamples, that is, individuals who answered the survey positively.

Conclusion: Patients with the continuing symptoms of hypothyroidism may benefit from a triiodothyronine-containing therapy. Consequently, the scope of the proscription against all triiodothyronine-containing therapies is overly broad and improperly extends beyond the endocrine system.

Please click here to download the paper.


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I have taken Levothyroxine for many years and I can not honestly say it has helped me with feeling comtinually tired out. Your paper and members comments have amazed me. I thought I Was alone in my asumptions about my diagnosis and treatment. thank you.

Patricia Dewis,