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Ultrasound treatment for trigger points: differences in technique for myofascial pain syndrome and

by: Dr. John C. Lowe et al.: Lyon
Mditerrane Mdcal: Mdecine du Sud-Est. (Avril-Mai-Juin) No.2:12-15, 1999.

(French and English abstracts below)

Abstract (French): Les auteurs rapportent leur exprience sur le traitement par ultra-sons au cours des syndromes myofasciaux (MPS) et des fibromyalgies (FMS).

Les points-gachette des MPS sont traits par ultra-sons en continu, dont les paramtres (intensit: 1-1,5 w/cm, vitesse de dplacement: 1,2==2,5 cm/s, dure: 4 5

mn) sont moduls en fonction des ractions du patient. Les ultra-sons doivent tre utiliss sur un muscle en discrte longation et une application de chaleur humide doit tre effectue en fin de sance. Le traitement des FMS comporte un amnagement des paramtres avec une intensit beaucoup plus faible, une vitesse de dplacement plus rapide et une dure plus longue (4 10 mn), mais les ultra-sons ne reprsentent qu’une partie de la prise en charge de cette affection.

Abstract (English): The authors report their experience with the ultrasound treatment of trigger points (TPs) in myofascial syndromes (MPS) and fibromyalgia (FMS). The trigger points of myofascial pain syndrome are treated by continuous ultrasound (intensity: 1-1.5 w/cm2, movement speed: 1.2 2.5 /cm, time: 4 to 5 minutes), modulated according to the patient s reactions. The muscle being treated should be in a moderate degree of stretch, and moist heat should be applied after the ultrasound treatment. The treatment of TPs in most FMS patients requires a lower ultrasound intensity, possibly quicker movement of the ultrasound transducer over the skin, and a longer application of the ultrasound (4 to 10 minutes). Again, the treatment should be modulated according to the patient s reactions. Ultrasound, however, represents only a part of the treatment that is appropriate for TPs in FMS.

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Fibromyalgia and thyroid disease. Dr. John C. Lowe. Presented and discussed in Grenoble, France, May 6 (conference of the French Fibromyalgia Association of Rgion Rhne-Alpes) and in Toulon, France on May 11 (at the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal), 2000. Published: Lowe, J. C. et al.: Thyroid disease and fibromyalgia syndrome. Lyon Mditerrane Mdical: Mdecine du Sud-Est., 36(1):15-17, 2000.


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