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Where To Order Your Own Vitamin D Test – Birmingham

Go to: or or phone +44(0)121 507 4278
This is the Pathology laboratory of the City Hospital in Dudley, Birmingham They will charge you 20 in the UK or 25 outside the UK

They send you a do-it-yourself pack to prick your finger and put 4 bloodspots on some blotting paper post it back to them and they will email you the results in a few days

Their results suggest that 50 nmol/L is sufficient but you should aim for between 100-150 nmol/L

To increase your Vitamin D level, you need to take 1,000 IU ( 25 micrograms) for every 25 nmol/L that you want to increase

For example: Your result comes back 25 nmol/L

Your NHS doctor may well tell you that this is adequate and no action is required

Assume that you want to reach 100 nmol/L: take 3,000 IU of Vitamin D3 capsules per day for 60-90 days and then re-test

Your doctor could prescribe 20,000 IU capsules from Dekristol or D3 Pharma taking 1 per week will give you approximately 3,000 IU per day

The half-life of Vitamin D3 in the blood is 20-30 days so you will need to take this forever to keep your levels boosted

The Safe Upper Limit is 200 nmol/L so you could take 5,000 IU capsules each day ( Experts say that they have never seen toxicity below 30,000 IU per day ! )

You can buy high strength Vitamin D3 capsules from most good Healthfood stores, or online but check the strength of what you are taking

The only contra-indication is if you have Sarcoidosis, but you will already have been warned about this by your doctor


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